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The usual minor crisis of a time-wasting soul

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Fireworks in the flower bed

Garden tasks between the raindrops

Been clipping the box hedge and replacing the long garden divider/fence posts and couldn’t resist skyving off for a wee while.

Right; what to build next.
Something?  Nothing? Too much choice?

I’ve re-sorted and tidied – sort of – the space waiting for the next task, and still have lots of disparate things in the furniture line squirreled away, plus a couple of ready-made and flat pack room boxes, including two shop fronts.  Lots of building materials too; mostly lightweight stuff but some wood sheets as well.

Ideas aplenty, all of which have their attractions in the brain stimulus department but not all appeal equally.

No problem sticking a pin in the mental list as it were, and just getting on with it, but indecisive ‘cos of space; just where in the name of all that’s wonderful will I put something that has a footprint larger than a couple of hand spans!

Then, of course, there’s the usual question of why would I lumber whomsoever has to clear up after I’m gone with all these flights of fancy that are already lying around clogging up the living space, let alone add to them?  Aren’t we supposed to be thinning out possessions as we age?

Found somewhere for the Market Cross building to sqeeze in, by the way.

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross - own adaptationsNext door neighbour to steam punk machine that destroys the printed word… and just out of interest while I’m looking at a mini weaver here’s an article on “The Medieval Clothier”

At moment swithering between nothing at all (but then what would I do?) or the very first thing I intended to make about eight years ago before it sort of grew and became Hogepotche Hall, and that is a long house or, on the other hand, something Victorian.

Been ‘window shopping’ as it were on the Weald and Downland website, looking at the wonderful Anglo Saxon Hall House in the woods and perhaps, living as we do in the old Kingdom of Northumbria, I should lean that way.  I find these structures very beautiful and would have to make lots of things to go in to dress it which I find appealing.

Then there’s the possibilities of a two-up-two-down Victorian house with attic and outside loo and maybe a washhouse too.  After student hood I shared one in the north east and am rather attached to the shape.

Both structures have long, narrow footprints that might, just might be squeezable inable here or there.

Am leaning a little towards the two-up-two-down though it might have extra length for backyard services.  I’ve got one or two things possibly to furnish the two-up-two-down and there’s quite a number of cupboards to make, not to mention fireplaces to construct or buy.  Also would be interesting to do.

Back to the stores

Of course there’s still all the bits sitting in there boxes and cubby holes that won’t be used.  There’s a small, well medium, selection of medieval to Jacobean items such as tables, corner cupboards, benches and settles lying around doing absolutely nothing to earn their living space and they are lovely things just going to waste.

I had a fancy to do a Regency style scene of the Georgette Heyer variety with a young man and woman along with a saturnine-looking fellow leaning nonchalantly against the fireplace looking on.  Originally it was to be a booth at either Ranelagh or Vauxhall but a sitting room or even an old coaching inn where some of the ‘period’ furniture items could actually come into their own at last is a possibility there!  Who knows?

Meanwhile, in the garden

theinfill blog – garden and miniature scenes

Weather is dark, muggy and sad-making but the smell from this area of the garden is a fair pick-me-up

May have run amok with the links here, for which I apologies, but am hopeful that some may be of interest, one way and another 🙂

Anglo-Saxon Hall House


Bayleaf Farmstead from Chiddingstone


Poplar Cottage


Medieval building from Hangleton


What once was clear now is not


Was going to call this piece “Bandstand and bodies” but it made me think of the film The Gazebo and thought I’d better not.  No bodies hidden under this one.

It was clear, really

A tale of biggish pictures and little work

Am thinking on the lines of painting the bandstand a pale sky blue with green here and there.  Not fixed on it but will try out a patch or two.

Not ‘cooked’ till at least Sunday

The clay heads won’t be sand-able till after the weekend so have prepped five neck/shoulder shapes and they’ll be ready for sanding by Wednesday.

Then I can use pipe-cleaners, wadding and fabric to build up the arms, legs and bodies.  I’m talking here as though I firmly know what I’m doing which is not so.  But am hopeful that I might get one or two figures out of this first collection.  Starting out on a new project I’d forgotten just how long it takes to get to the interesting bits 😉

Meanwhile there are hands to make

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - new projects - Creative Paperclay

Fish fingers anyone? First run at a pair of hands that have to hold a triangle and stick. Must try harder eh?

Ms Lear’s refreshed surrounding pool

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - new projects - Lady of Shalott/Ms Lear

It had become dusty and scratty and I’ve topped it up with a bit of this and that

A doll with a mood of her own


Scene hijacked by the 40th doll

but that’s OK

At the last count there were 39 dolls in various scenes around and about Hogepotche Hall and I fancied rounding it up if it could be done without making it look too forced.

I returned to the dairy back doorway.  It has struck me from the beginning of this room that it was inviting something to be happening there but I couldn’t work out what.  So that’s where I’ve sat the last doll, a less than 3″ little girl, sitting playing with her doll and a hunk of bread.

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - dairy with child on doorstep


Peep show


Points of view

The thing that has always fascinated me about dolls houses and miniatures is the opportunity to view different perspectives, peep around corners and through doorways and generally get down and observe from the small scale level.  Just what is hidden in there?  Perhaps I’m a miniature peeping Thomasina in the making but viewing closed rooms through windows does appeal I must admit.

Progress on the last thing to be built

This is all coming on and there’ll be a report when I’ve accumulated enough completed items.  Mostly the working is about a bit of this and then that, whilst each dries:  the usual.

In the meantime I’ve been peeping.


Answering a query re size of gallery photos

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Gallery view with “View full size” link on lower right

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