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and at last the bird cage is up in position by the front window

The last photo has the room very well lit.  Actually it’s quite a small and very dark space to work in, mostly because I put the main door in a fixed length of wall across the front which narrows the access opening from 12 inches to about 7 inches and of course cutting off access for light too.  The LED lights are great for period atmosphere and for physically viewing the scene but not much good for photography or when museum waxing into place the black items that live on the black hearth stone.  The pic was taken with a small Canon camera in one hand while holding a desk lamp flat up against the ceiling so that the light bounced off the pale coloured paper up there and flooding the room 🙂

Must finish that back door so that it stops leaning up against the chimney breast and I really can’t put off doing the soft furnishings any longer, sadly.  Not sure why I’m resisting doing sewing but there’s one way to find out.  Tomorrow is curtain day!  I think.

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