This is a bit like the speciality of the house

– what the pages of this site are about.

When the last job I had, ran out nearly 18 months ago it became more and more obvious I wasn’t going to get another one, as I  couldn’t keep taking the knock downs of ‘thanks, but no thanks’.  I realised, at 61, I had a luxury open to me that soon very few women would have.  I could stop.  So I did.  I hated it.

peek at kitchen

Distressed kitchen table with 'goodies'

Not a social body, not a joiner, I needed purpose.  I visited friends did stuff around the house etc.  Lovely people but life was becoming drear.

A friend pointed me at dolls houses.  Not really my thing but I do like crafts, messing about and making things.  It also gave me the push to learn new physical skills.  I’m not of the generation that was given a hammer and saw to play with so here was my chance.

I’m building from scratch (sort of).  The pages, starting with Home and cover the journey in fits and starts.

It started as a mind filler, a way to keep hands busy and me out of mischief and is now a steady hobby, full of puzzles to be solved.

There is so much on the interweb covering the subject of dolls houses plus models and techniques of modelling that you can compile your own library of research to give ideas and pointers and mix and match as you go along.  There’s someone out there running a ‘How’ type page on almost every aspect of the pastime; many of them earning their living doing the activities they explain.

My project is still growing and just when I think I’ve got the whole grand plan sorted, another piece of research/info pops into my ken and affects the planned outcome.

I must learn a little more discipline – a plan is a plan.  Isn’t it?  (see Great Hall – 1 and allied posts and pages and Great Hall the sequal)

spiral stair

Lots of fun faffing with the tower and stairs - took weeks

Hall and extra

Don't ask - this is where, 'going a little too far' may come in

The House Blog – 1

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    • Hello, and a happy new year to you and your family, too. Am still recovering from an infection which has made pretty ill so everything is bound to get better from here. Great to hear from you and all the best

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