Ah, the kitchen, the heart of the building 

I wanted it to be made up of many areas, but needed to start with the room box I’d allocated for the main kitchen and work on from there.  I plan to add rooms and passages off to root storage, flesh pantry, buttery etc.

Story so far


Floor laid

(laying k floor )doorway thresh laid

Doorway thresh of york stone in 2 layers at door opening

Whole area dirtied up to give good base for working area yet to be strewn with rushes in miniature

unglazed_window onto hallWalls plastered with sand and glue thickened paint waiting for wood beams.

Unglazed window cut with view out on to Hall – gives Cook a view of what’s going n and allows heat exchange between to areas.

theinfill - Tudor kitchen fireplace in place

Fireplace built and fixed

Fireplace stands on york stone platform across back of room
The back of fireplace is covered with small stones painted over and dirtied up (along with hearth!)
Smoke cupboard is shallower and so I lined it with egg box bits cut and painted to mimic stone
Gardening wire inserted as lead to draw flame effect bulb wires through from fire area to battery area.

theinfill - Tudor kitchen - K03 two for a view

Door hung, beams in place on walls and ceiling, nails banged in as hooks all over where useful, stairs in place up to women servants’ sleeping area and set roughly dressed to start to give a feel.  Chickens, cats, crockery and vermin still to come.

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  1. Hello, a very nice atmospheric result, you must be pleased. Can I ask where do you get your furniture from, do you make it yourself, or buy ready made and “age” the item, I must say the results are amazing. I have one finished room in my house but need to furnish it, so any information would be appreciated.

    • That’s v kind 🙂 The atmosphere is a bit of a cheat as I placed and anglepoise lamp on the floor above and shone the light down the ladder stairs. If I may, I’ll reply to your query re where I get the furniture by email. There’s a right mix in the kitchen photo, now I look at it.

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