An Entanglement


Within the twig-tree forest

The unknown female in the tower, previously nicknamed Ms Lear, (the woman not the Tower) has been receiving embellishments and additions to the waterlogged habitat (the Tower not the woman).

Well it’s not Shalott

theinfill - dollhouse blog – Woman in Gothic Tower - in another part of the forest

Kitchen floor photography certainly gives up light – yikes

Still working on the possibilities of the odd wave here and there.  Have a fancy for them to be splashing over the rim.  We’ll see.

Indulged self using a broken plant dish that I just hadn’t the heart to throw out, along with twigs, moss, dead grasses, stones and very fine builder’s sand.  Used and tried out various glues for this and ended up with a mix and match according to position, substance and proximity to other items.  A real witch’s brew of glues.


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And other than gardening I’ve been tackling a little upholstery and working diligently on the wiring of the large Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean model – nearly there with that:  the wiring that is – and been designing, in my head, other small projects to do on the side.  But more of those another time.  Soon I hope, if I can crack the wave flow conundrum.

The ‘day job’ as it were – main project overviews – a Medieval, Tudor and early Jacobean combo and methods for dealing with the 4th wall in a doll’s house


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