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Sort of flat-packing the house

theinfill blog – scratch build of eighteenth century scenes

Three days ago, it started out like this.
I ran out of fruit trays for stonework at about this point and have used a plaster filler type mix for the rest of it with the odd brick stuck here and there

Have been working on the fourth side of the build but it also has things drying and will then need various woodwork adding, no doubt.  Could always do those windows I suppose 😉

Adding detail



Lazy day all round; outside blowing a hooley, livestock squeezing in as close to hedges as possible; inside, my hands and feet inflamed and going claw-like with my innards totally gone radge.

First thing, before I sort of set in place, I revealed some of the under treatment of the gable top that is falling in under its own weight.  Still needs the cracks in the row of bricks colour emphasised, but possibly getting there.

Today, gonna try and sneak up on it and do a little more 😉

Still windy out there and much, much colder – ah, the seasons change …

Going for a gable


The collapsing gable

Don’t really know if any of this now coloured wall covering will stay in place once completely dry, but, if still OK tomorrow, might start some of the other gable too 🙂

Walls and windows, windows and walls


Couldn’t entirely avoid windows while doing the facade, so here we have beginnings of fitting ‘glazing’ and uprights but no linings or inner cills  …

Now need to go round the bend and try to scrabble together enough card to cover the two gables.  Got enough fruit tray that more or less matches to do a very little more stonework, but after that is anyone’s guess – or start eating more plumbs at an unhealthy rate to obtain an exact match 🙂

Some bits of egg box will do here and there; then there’s always more brickwork to fill in or large areas of render perhaps – we’ll see.