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Beautiful, beautiful work …

What an unusual time we are all living in. I hope you are all well and surviving lockdowns, etc.I have not posted on here for SO long, but Elizabeth, of StudioE Miniatures has been urging me to show what has been keeping me busy for the last few weeks. I am not too great at…

via The Covid Collection — Linda’s Mini World

The Covid Collection — Linda’s Mini World


A quiet time – look and think and feel …

I hope you enjoy Jackie Morris’s blog enty as much as I have.

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For Joe Harkness, author of Bird Therapy. Here, where lichen and moss soften rock, gorse scents the air, land meets the sea, meets the sky. The voices of small birds texture the space- skylarks carry the song upwards. In the distance a kestrel defies gravity. A hawk, so swift, but small, a merlin? Dances the…

via This is where I live — Jackie Morris Artist

This is where I live — Jackie Morris Artist


A further Jackie Morris walk – you can breathe the air of the walk …

I thought I had finished all the work for The Lost Spells, but talking through the first design and layout with my co-conspirator this week I managed to talk my way into reworking 4 spreads and as a result doing a further eleven, which has grown, during the long commute to work ( I work…

via A walk with friends. — Jackie Morris Artist

A walk with friends. — Jackie Morris Artist

Minis and The Flu


Good morning to all and I hope you are well and/or coping with what ‘time’ brings

Here’s a lovely miniature reminder from Tulsa Tiny Stuff of the worldwide basic advice.

Would that we all did took this advice all the time anyway, but that’s just me grousing 😉