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“Miracle Chicken” at the Chicago Show


One of the wonderful postings from the blog site of Miracle Chicken.  Full of superb details and covering such an amazingly wide range of output.  Unfortunately, and very sadly, it might be the last one, as according to the footnote to the posting, she is considering withdrawing her blog entirely.

Do visit the link and enjoy the miraculous things on display.


My own apologies for not blogging recently due to the this-s and that-s of life but hope to be back in some sort of flow situation asap 🙂



Beautiful miniature puss-cats


Two delightful characterisations of miniature animals

Was doing some late catch-up on the web and general web housekeeping, including reading the blogs I follow, and lo and behold two arrived, one after the other, with wonderful miniature animals.

Miracle Chicken  sharing what she describes as her “Last Minute …” work for the up-coming Chicago International Show


My Little Dream  with a lovely fluffy threesome.

If you enjoy miniatures and happen to like cats they are both well worth a visit

The last of the winter season


Although I think we’re due a little more winter here this coming weekend 🙂

Very little mini-ing here

Got one of my wonderful inflammations going at the moment so typing this out is about my lot.  Instead I decided to share a lovely piece from one of the blogs I follow, My Little Little Dream (just in case it hasn’t come your way recently).

It’s of a cosy winter sitting room box scene.

The maker had a passing thought which is familiar to many of us I reckon:

“I realized that I needed a floor lamp. I tried to persuade myself not to do it, but it loomed before my eyes and didn’t let me breathe… I resigned myself .. I started thinking what would it be done from?”

and so she made it …

Lovely isn’t it?


Do you ever wonder



what sort of machinery some truly serious and amazinging crafts workers might use?

And all those wonderful drawers for storage.  I particularly love the vacuum cleaner – I can think of many uses for that around here 🙂

Reblogged from A Beautiful World

When I get supplies in the mail it often makes me chuckle, after all, I make miniatures! Small things which mostly fit in the palm of my hand. OK, and a few boomboxes here and there. But still…Look at the size of this box! A person would fit in there easily. Hmm, cheap holiday???Back to…

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