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Leaf it to Susanna Bauer


Amazing stitchwork

Delicate, fascinating and fragile

There are quite a number of websites featuring the work of Susanna Bauer available.  I chose this one as it has great close-ups of the stitchwork, for those of us who want to know what’s going on.  My particular favourite is the cut-out circles along the vein of the leaf rotated just a little and stitched back in place.

Busy few weeks and no real time for mini-ing.  Hope to be back in flow sometime soon 🙂

(Sorry about the main title but too hard to resist)

Our small world


A busy week

Am progressing the Market Cross (in my own daft way), have been dealing with severe diverticular fun and games while also trying to sort something out in the saga of the missing DVD from eBay, so I’m all bathroom-ed and computer-ed at the moment.

However, Suzanne has very kindly indeed sent me a link to a Guardian newspaper article which I hope she doesn’t mind be sharing, and it has really perked me up no end!

Small world: Why we love tiny things

It’s a lengthy piece that meanders around a little in an attempt to cover the everything of everything, but I particularly fancied the following:

A little florid and melodramatic perhaps(?), but the author has a point, don’t you find?

Simon Garfield’s book is titled “In Miniature” in which he apparently

… stresses that this book is about scale, not size. He’s interested in flea circuses, for example, not because fleas are small but because a flea circus is a small version of something (a circus) that is usually big.

(Taken from a review of the book, also in the Guardian, written by – worth a read too as he struggles to believe the things that have been created.)

There is also a Podcast “Shrinking the world: why we can’t resist model villages” which you can reach by using the Simon Garfield name link above.

— ~ —

Received a possible solution to the eBay problem this morning, now it’s back to the Market Cross, via the bathroom …


Originally posted on nanacathydotcom: During the Spring of this year a friend told me about the 1,568 Sawdust Hearts project. After the First World War, many men came home injured and suffering from shell shock. As part of their recovery they were encouraged to take up craft work. A popular craft was to make a…

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1,568 Sawdust Hearts — notewords