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A little jaw-dropping?


for you delectation this autumnal weekend:

Ryan Thomas Monahan on Instagram

Next Show –
November – Blackbook Gallery, Denver


New York scenes may not be your thing but the workmanship is breathtaking – keep scrolling down, you may find just a little something that makes you smile

Aaargh and apologies


Good morning and grovel, grovel to you if you have been kindly trying to donate a penny here and there to Dolls Houses Past & Present in the last 24 hours.  We have a bit of a snafu down at the funding site.  Having extended the appeal time on Fundrazr, the PayPal link has slipped temporarily down a rabbit hole from which it is hoped it may reappear in the next few days – fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, should you be wishing to donate, the page is still user-friendly if you are happy to give funding by card.

To quote fellow DhPP member JenniL from her recent blog entry:

To anyone … who reads this and is interested in dolls’ houses, DHP&P is an amazing, free site that has probably the greatest collection of information and photo collection about dolls’ houses in the world and publishes a fun and interesting e-zine about 4 times a year.

Some of the members have been donating, selling things to help raise the money etc. and we are over half way there. If anyone who reads this would like to see what it is all about, look up the website – though do be aware that one of the major glitches is that you may have to click a couple of times before you gain access. Then, if you can make a donation, no matter how small, please copy and paste

What things?

The ‘things’ referred to as being sold on the site can be found here but, because the site is ‘dying’ it’s hit and miss as to whether we are able to clear away the photos of items that have been bought.  I operate on the general principle that if the gallery photo has a little number in its bottom right corner showing the number of comments or conversations, it probably has been sold, but it’s always wise to check if you’re keen on something, as I know of at least one item in there that has a comment and has not been sold.  Most of us indicate what the postage is but we don’t always make it clear as to whether that would cover outside the UK so it would be wise to check.

So what gives with the PayPal link?

Anyhoo, due to the weekend and time differences, there will be the delay in reinstating PayPal and there’s hope that it will pop back up a little later in the working week, after trans-Atlantic negotiations have been carried out. I foresee more than a few late nights for our negotiator.

Photos of what I’ve been up to over the weekend to follow when I can get the paint of the back of the camera 😉