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A pinch of this a shake of that


Got a bit of a heavy week on one way and another so am just about to sneak off to try to catch some mini-ing time today.  Meanwhile here are three different points of stimulus to the imagination that I’d like to share – well they work for me 🙂

(the links are in the titles)

Hua Tunan

So much energy in a mixing of styles and traditions.  Details almost ‘pulled out’ of the splattered canvases.  I suspect that I don’t have v good taste as for my palate I find the level of detail for the emerging animals brings them almost to the point of ‘sugary’ when viewed against the raw background, but the work and energy is unbelievable.

Distinctive Boxes

Working in wood is something I admire tremendously.  These boxes speak for themselves.  The link selected from the work is to a section I particularly enjoy.

Miniature Time Traveller

An online magazine and blog from New Zealand.  I can never get enough of these, for their information and stimulus and just noseying about in other folks’ work.