Disappeared into a world of ones own?


Imagine a line drawn cartoon style: 

line representing ditch; objects eg spade, a sock, bricks briefly appearing, airborne above the rim of the pit, only to disappear below once more.  General mumble of noises off as sound-track.

Hi there, I’m down here

Had my head down and been ploughing on – I can see the finishing line somewhere down the weeks and months ahead (but almost definitely this year) – go, go, go – getting breathlessly involved.


Frontage, façade, street face, front
More or less

Mug shots – facade

Coming up for air

Sudden burst of late afternoon sun after a day or two of variable and dreary light so went out for a walk and to bathe in the warmth.  Glorious, bluebells on the hills, birds swooping and diving all around, freedom and I start to breathe a little. The mind is set free to wander along with the feet.  But even out here I can still see the jobs to hand and begin to wonder how many pieces of wood I’d handled in the last few days doing just the two remaining fourth walls on the attic (schoolroom and red bedroom).  I reckoned up that these two have about 120 – 150 pieces give or take between them and there are a few more around the model itself, that’s for sure, so how many for the whole house inside and out over the last five years?

Don’t think I want to know that really.

In other news

When the light was better at the beginning of last week(?) I began to dress the two workers for round the back of the house (the ones I used to start the energy ball rolling on these last stretches) and will return to them, light permitting between the remaining jobs.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – back view of house where men are working

A back view of extension. These last two builders are working just the other side of that transverse ridge on the extension

Also, whilst all that wood was a-drying a bit at a time, I’ve gone all out and designed the kitchen extension block; worked out the layout and started to build it too!  More of that much later.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – kitchen extension base position

Running straight on from the kitchen at the back is a raised base to hold six separate small cubby holes: stores and dairy etc.

What’s not done?  Er, that’ll be the chimney removable panels I’m afraid.  But I will do it – soon.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – view down side missing chimney

Rather milky looking view of down side with missing chimney panel. The room top left in photo has caught a rather atmospheric shadow on its inner roof (why kept photo really)


I must crawl all over the whole external surface of the entire house and do all the bits I’ve missed.  There are small pieces of wood, stone and brick needed for edges of walls, camouflage missing on undersides and many touch ups of paint-work here and there.

Send out the search parties if I’ve not emerged by a week on Friday.

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    • Aha! Well that all depends on what you think of as historical. I’m feeling a furniture learning moment coming on and possibly a 50s room or two. Also I’ve a yen for Georgian character scenes and oh, lots more … Mostly though I’m hoping to stay small from now on – no more ladders please 😉

      • Sounds fun! When I was little, my life plan was to be a cleaner at a local stately home. I LOVED the furniture and the smell of polish. Now, I’d like to shrink down and be one of the servants in your beautiful not-so-little house….all that wonderful woodwork…

        • Dear Trumblesmum
          You are cordially invited to get out the polish and the whisk broom and get a-polishing. But when you’ve shrunk down sufficiently to work at it don’t look too close at the very hacked about homemade bittiness of it all 🙂
          Do say it’s lavender polish

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