You plan and then your mind takes over

I started out to build a medieval, curved, corner fireplace in the Solar and, because we’d just been to Holyrood House I couldn’t get what I’d seen out of my head.  It totally screwed up what my hands were doing and I ended up with a totally unsuitable corner late Elizabethan early Jacobean do instead – on home page.

dng left

Quick set dressing for pics - chairs yet to be bought!

The dining room suffers from my being hypnotised by loads of web images from Hampton Court and from pics of small areas of wall painting that is still extant, along with historical mock-up pics of what they think certain stately home rooms would have looked like.

The ceiling is a well-known wallpaper with bosses made from Fimo and impressed with old buttons to make the detail.  The whole was then painted over and over.  Gluing to the ceiling was worrying.  Would it bubble away in places?  Could I get it to even stay up there?

Carefully gunk spreading,  pieces of board fitted around each other, a load of ‘clothes’ props made from wooden kebab skewers to hold said board pieces and 3 days to hope that it would all dry in place.  So far so good.

Detail over fireplace – ah, well this is where I own up to vandalism.  I have a tendency to ‘change’ things, dismantle and use differently, dirty up and generally ruin what was a perfectly good something.  In this case it’s small wooden boxes.  I used all of it, mind you;  I never wasted a jot.  I also used one for a back to a dresser in the same room.

dng sideboard

Another box vandalised - plus slipware

For me there’s incredible enjoyment  in looking at something and seeing other possibilities, sometimes related directly to what I’m gawping at and sometimes totally somewhere out the window.  This can cause major problems and misunderstandings in conversation!

I get over enthusiastic by things I like.  To any true historical purists, I apologies, but I do love slipware.  So I played with my Fimo and decorated to my heart’s content.  I think I’ve fallen into the later C17th and even C18th, but I like ’em, so that’s that.

(Spot the mini candle snuffer?  Very delicate and I couldn’t resist buying it.  Silly thing for a clutz to buy!

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