I admit to being somewhat of a bodger (here I apologies to those who are real bodgers from the original meaning as opposed to the modern).

Despite being cack-handed in every possible sense, I do enjoy a good pore/paw over the ‘proper job’.

I have listed here, in no particular order, some of the many sites that refuel my mind and give birth to ideas and methods of work.  That sounds really stuffy but what I mean is, instead of finding so much expertise on display depressing it really gives me the boost I need to get my backside moving.

Other things that creep into the brain are books and the odd visit to a stately home or any church.

Pear Tree Miniatures

Some days I just like drooling.  Have a go.

Country Contrasts

Furniture, food items, displays all very interesting and giving rise to many ideas and long lists of things to buy as and when I can or just feel the need.

The Colvin Studio
– characters in miniature

Just lovely stuff.  The site speaks for itself.  I can, and have spent hours looking closely at these figures.

The Tudor  -Medieval – Jacobean – Queen Anne
Dolls House Project

I read this quite a bit for the images, ideas and links.  All beautifully done and gives me lots to think about.

Mini things

What can one say?  Mind bogglingly beautiful items, and that includes sides of meat.  Am saving up for a buying spree when I get nearer completion on more of model.

Herdwick Landscapes

Filed in my Bookmarks under “Everything on this page”Really good carts, oxen yoke, shoulder yoke. 1/12th, 1/16th and 1/24thWhat more could you ask – ah, yes some of us work in 1/144th but you might have to make your own for that

Anglia Dolls Houses
by Tim Hartnall

Georgian, yes and truly amazing detail and care.   A friend (the one who pointed me at this sort of thing) asked Mr Hartnall to make a room for her (not Georgian) and do the decoration and lighting.  He used an interesting technique for the flooring and his detail and finish were outstanding.

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