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Cobble creep

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit

All curbs in but not fully painted.

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit

A few cobbles here and there and a gutter run from the inside of the covered market

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit

Gutter giving opening in curbs so muck and water can be swept out 🙂

Nice shadow from ladder but the unpainted filler looks like the winter weather has blown in already

By ecky thump!


Trying to squeeze time – just a mini bit

My habit of sneaking in longer sessions of mini-ing by disappearing into the ‘Potting Shed’ has gone totally out of the window at the moment with some continuing health check appointments and false alarms.  There are also Cardiac Rehab sessions to attend.  They are offered here as part of the follow-up after a heart attack and involve exercise routines, useful information and a chance to meet others ‘in the same boat‘.  There are twelve sessions spread over six weeks and, out here in the sticks, involve for us a round trip to the nearest centre; only about twenty five miles away, but out here and at this season of the year takes about forty minutes one way.  Between the very important rehabilitation classes and the travelling, two days have more or less evaporated from my week for the next month or so – hence even less mini-time lying around.

Some sneakery

As there isn’t a chunk of time I can cut out to give to my ongoing arguments with the niceties of the roof, I’m messing around with the ground level instead.  My fancy is for a bit of visual movement down there in this medieval-Tudor-ish street scene – a feeling of flow around the eight-sided base.


theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit

First a visit to our garden

If you dig any deeper than nine inches down around here all you get is stones.  Some of these (and some are very big – I mean really big) were deposited by melting/retreating glaciers and some areas of garden contain odd corners of an old farmyard where smaller stones have been set as cobbling.  Why not add some clay ones to the Market Cross?  They will be easier to set in a flowing pattern than rectangular shapes and give themselves to flowing into and being covered by mud and straw, which is what I’m thinking of using towards the outer edge of some of the base, with the inevitable water effect here and there.

Will keep adding the bread bun shapes as and when and see how they go


Possessions for a life


The Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit comprises a market area with office above. Once the main structure (without roofing) was wrestled into place I’ve concentrated on working on the office.  I’ve mainly done this because I wanted to judge the head room around the edges for objects, shelving and furniture and, of course, it’s a fun thing to do while I brood over the roofing.

Deciding on what to put in

I like to imagine who spends time in a room I’m working on, what they do there and how much of it is personal and how much, in this case, is to do with the purpose of the office space and the type of market being held below in the open area.  This market is cloth, wool and leather goods – a bit of a mix but it will give some scope for dressing the trestles set up below.

This particular fellow is some sort of community official who collects any monies due from market traders, possibly deals with unruly behaviour at the market, and he generally holds a prestigious position in his community.  I think he takes his job very seriously and is knowledgeable about the wares sold in this market and the laws governing their sale.  I’ve decided on leaving hints of his presence rather than having a figure in the space.  I may go for the odd figure in the market itself but am not clear on that yet.

Now, the Market Cross kit should have a removable roof but I’ve gone off-plan and chosen to try to make a mostly fixed roof with a central pillar I think, with one of the eight walls being removable, taking a little piece of roof with it.  It will give a restricted view but I do enjoy hidden corners that have to be peered into.  (The pillar will restrict the view further which is why I’m not entirely convinced about it.)

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit

Overview of the office space with one of the taller walls at the desk end giving a little more head-room. (Am still working on the items to hang up on the wall bottom right.)

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit

What’s going on outside and below?

Below I’ve been using as storage space for bits I don’t want to lose sight of, such as the eighth wall, and I need to cobble out the outer edge there.  All the walls above need their timbering adding.  I’d like a bit more irregularity in the wall timbering layout than that shown in the instructions and would prefer wood strip rather than the thicker MDF pieces provided as part of the kit.

– – – ~ – – –

WordPress and the new text editor

For this entry the Classic interface has been used but I’ve been trying to cram in some of the Gutenberg Editor little quirks and benefits and have now found that I can still get at the Classic interface via the new.  Should have tried the three vertical dots widget up on top right sooner to see the possibilities!

However I have had a go at making my peace with the new interface for the Gallery thumbnail problem and can accessing the layout I prefer for it via an embedded version of the Classic interface, which is available as one of the Formatting Blocks.  I am unsure about the ‘stability’ of the Gallery position doing it this way as when I’ve tried the method it has at least twice shifted the image gallery so that it overlaps a previous image or group.    Need to look at that again.

Still not found how to change the colour of Headings without resorting to code but, as long as my headings are a single line only, have found that a size of about 20 or 24 typed in the Paragraph Block settings, (where you can also change the colour of text and text background), I can get the paragraph block to do the job instead.  But that possibly messes up the whole point for the use of the H code?  Hey ho.


Back to the DHE Market Cross kit


Filling in the gaps

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit
The last two fixed walls partly in place
theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit
All walls balanced or fixed viewed from above
theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit
From the side you can see the two taller walls with windows let in

I’ve played about with the layout of useful ‘furniture’ for the walls, giving them shelves, hooks, niches etc, but now find that I’m unsure what to put on them all. Need to really think about that.

While all the thinking is going on I turned to the lighting. I’ve bought two battery LED lights; one is a candle for the work table and one a wall light.

Still trying to find my way around the WordPress interface and am having various ‘arguments’ with the gallery settings. Early days, but so far not a happy bunny here as can not consistently establish which layout will show the photo captions or exactly why I can’t get a gallery grouping smaller. So apologies for oversized lamp photos 😦