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Think it’s finished


An adaptation of Dolls House Emporium kit for the Market Cross – I think based on Wymondham Market Cross building.  I bought this to do with a friend and we never got around to it before she died.  It’s small and looks even smaller when figures are added.  I’ve homemade the adult figures between 5 foot and  5 foot  6 inches, but they do look like giants.  The child figure is a 1:24 bought in kit; I think it was intended for use as a half-scale male figure until I inflicted the indignities of babyhood.

Round and round it goes

The whole structure is a mix of the DHE kit for the base, pillars and ceiling/floor of market/room above and the rest is a mix of wood and layered card.  I’ve added rafters in the market place below along with the central hub pillar and changed some of the fixtures between the kit pillars as wasn’t comfy with the MDF pieces there.  The weather vane is cut from re-purposed metal from a defunct yoghurt maker.

The stalls are homemade, as are the majority of goods on them, the exception being the pies on the baker’s stall, bought a long time ago and re-coloured with make-up.  The bread is homemade.  All the animals are bought in.

Stools, tub and bucket are from Ashwood Designs Miniatures  and the plant kits are kits from The Miniature Garden on Etsy, with the odd homemade plant and the grass etc are railway miniature supplies.  Cobbles and similar are Creative Paper Clay, with added cardboard flags.  All the lighting is LED battery with either lighting gel or a dab of paint added to bring down the brightness.

Now, what have I forgotten to tell you?  Hmmm.  Mostly I’m now wondering just where in the name of blue blazes I’m going to put it.

A little one, so far


Baby goes to market

The only figure at this market that’s not homemade is a Nicky Bott 1:24 sturdy fellow.  I’ve kind of morphed him/her into a rather upright bairn, sitting under the baker’s stall and amusing itself with this and that.

The upper arms and hips needed pipe cleaners covered along with moulded footwear, hence the shawl over its feet which usefully givessome contrast to the bread and apple sitting there.  I’ve also added a breechclout, you might be pleased to know – to help cover the pipe cleaner hip joints mostly but to give something I use to could stitch the shawl in place.

The bonnet is a ‘U’ shape with the square (top) edge turned back, stitched in place and then all edges turned in and gathered round the curve.

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - figures in conversation part two

Full scene of the threesome.

Still two figures and their accoutrements to do.  Posting now, while can as may get a bit diverted later in the week 🙂

Purses in place


A bit of a jumble, but the leatherwork stall is now dressed for market – though not the leatherworker, as yet.

Passing through


Just a smidgeon of this and that

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - leatherworker goods

Seem to have let the rhythm of working a little bit when possible slip. Have got some of the items for the leather worker’s stall mustered (mostly purses and bags and a couple of bottles) but not sure yet how to display them. Need to make some belts to go with them and possibly add a rolled sheep skin to add to the two rolls of unused skins below the stall. The four in the holder are for the remaining characters still waiting to be ‘built’ and dressed.

Must get back into the swing of things 🙂