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Leaf it to Susanna Bauer


Amazing stitchwork

Delicate, fascinating and fragile

There are quite a number of websites featuring the work of Susanna Bauer available.  I chose this one as it has great close-ups of the stitchwork, for those of us who want to know what’s going on.  My particular favourite is the cut-out circles along the vein of the leaf rotated just a little and stitched back in place.

Busy few weeks and no real time for mini-ing.  Hope to be back in flow sometime soon 🙂

(Sorry about the main title but too hard to resist)

Gloriously sunny day


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We’ve set up Nostalgia Close open and on a table in front of a south-facing window, next to a sofa that I do so like to sit upon.  Now that the year has moved on a little and the sun can get over the hill out there, the dolls house floods with light and hovers in shade.  Great place to sit with a cuppa and glance into its mini world as the sun moves round.

Still here and still thinking minis; just no time to be a-doin – yet, but hopefully soon.