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The long blank wall(s)


After the first posting done today, a reblog of some magnificent work from “A Beautiful World“, I hesitate to post any of my scrabblings around, but here goes with today’s update before I totally chicken out.

Long, closing walls
in the main piece of cake

For the ground floor sitting room, the closing wall for the hallway has a large framed photo as well as the sitting room doorway to break up the flatness of the wallpaper.  For the upper landing, the wall is longer and I fancied something different to break up the span.

A piece of ‘floating’ furniture perhaps?

Before that wall can go up I need to know what weight it might have to carry other than the ceiling.  Having decided against yet another picture my next fancy was for a three-leafed dressing screen actually attached to the wall so that it floated when the slice of cake wasn’t there.  I got it all built along with its own bit of flooring to brace it but couldn’t shake off the worry that when the slice of cake comes back it may well miss knocking the screen off on entry but that the strong money was on it definitely making contact on the way out again.

Not attached to the wall then.

Think I’ve settled the screen, which I’d still like to use and the wall dressing too by a slightly different means.

Think I’m going to put a dwarf wall behind the screen, overlapping and matching the long wall to give the screen extra stability.  The nice dark plush fabric representing a robe will be visible around the mini wall and will face the viewer when viewing the slice of cake (the whole room block) separately.

Overall, though not a lot fo dressing to the blank wall it may well do 😉


Someone who really, really knows what they’re doing


The work here leaves me quite breathless.  The whole thing is magnificent but the windows particularly caught my eye – hope you enjoy them too …

— ~ —

With some of the Dutch summer weather colder than last Christmas, I spent several days indoors working on a new room for my Herengracht canal house. All of the rooms are separate roomboxes which will eventually form the dolls house when they’re all put together. The new room will be a bedroom situated at the front…

via The red bedroom… — A Beautiful World

Building views of a hidden space


There’s been a lot of jumping around the bedrooms with no firm results but mostly making sure that there’s furniture that fits each (or can be made to fit) and that no further manoeuvring of walls or doorways is likely to be needed.  I think it can now move forward a little.

But first it’s jigsaw time

Hunting for all the pieces

Along the way I’ve made the odd bit and piece to go here and there and stored them safely away.
Did I hear a hollow laugh at the back there?
Well judged.
Of the prepped items I’ve lost the upstairs banister bits and had to cut and paint up some more.  Mind you only one set of stuff having ‘gone walkies‘ is not bad for me, you should be mildly impressed!


With what looks more or less like a full set of the this and that to hand, the time has come to work on the hidden space central to the first floor (second floor if you don’t follow UK naming).

The upper landing

– this is an almost ‘dead’ area, totally enclosed by the upper rooms and which can only be viewed through their doorways – there are four rooms up there giving varying angles to the space.

theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - upper landing space

Small oblong at top of the stairs – but as yet, no banister rail in place

  1. That banister construction needs to come first now.
  2. But the small front bedroom short wall, with the door in it is part of the landing so that must be included on the ‘now’ list too.
  3. Which brings us to the matter of wallpapering the long wall of that small bedroom, which then becomes the remaining wall of the upper landing containing the main bedroom doorway, so ditto for going to the ‘now’ list.
theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - upper landing space

The split decor on the long, closing wall – on this side part landing with main bedroom doorway and part small bedroom while the other side is all main bedroom

As you can see from the top photo, the small bedroom short wall is partially there with half its doorway unfinished and 3 (the ‘where am I’ wallpaper wall) has been dressed up.  Also added door surrounds on both of these walls but can’t stick long wall in until banister has stopped fighting me; or is it me fighting the banister?

The Hidden Space

another space to play about in

I’m very fond of Dutch painting of the C17 and the views to other rooms and outdoors that they contain.  Of course, the perspective boxes are amazing too – very hard to explain but well worth a look.
A web search for A View Down the Corridor’ by Samuel Van Hoogstraten you can come across an amazing mix of work.  Here’s some of Van Hoogstraten’s paintings and feigned letter racks.

My favourite painting is Les Pantoufles, a complex painting of a simple subject with, half way into the picture there are slippers lying on a threshold ready to pop on, or trip over, left between doorways in a corridor.

The encased upper landing I’m working on is certainly no artistic effort at trompe l’oeil but is only a tip of the hat to the hidden vistas of the Dutch paintings. In this model it’s hopefully going to add another dimension to viewing the slice of cake dolls house.  I will be adding a pair of slippers just outside the bathroom door and possibly something thrown over the banister too.


Found a minute for a do-over


Dining room fourth wall

This wall comes and goes along with the sitting room removable slice of cake and the fit of the unit plus wall has been giving me the pip.  It was messing up the fit at the front of the house so today I grabbed a half hour or so to see if I could get to grips with it – again.  It needed doing asap as the room above (the boys’ bedroom) is going to require its fourth wall adding to the problem any minute now!

theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - miniature watercolour painting

A nice country cottage to go with the mill featured in the other mini watercolour in this room.
I couldn’t remove the over-heavy frame without totally having to rebuild the wall so instead decided to insert an original watercolour bought on eBay and a piece of acetate to protect it, sliding both in over the top of the existing picture.

Then came the fiddly bit
and it took more than that ‘half an hour’

The surface behind the wall needed redressing at both sides, top and bottom and the wall itself needed shortening to reduce the possibility of fouling at floor level — between ‘the pip’ and ‘fouling’ this is becoming a bit of a chicken themed piece 😉

theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - miniature watercolour painting

Through the dining room window between the net curtains.
Frame is far too heavy but the picture looks OK and the wall now works better (though I could wish for a better fit around the left edge). Memo to self: must put the light switch in on that wall just by the door.

Still, there’s now less light seeping in generally and the frontage now more or less meets once more so that is a definite improvement.  Have an itch to put a shelf or possibly a small set of them running from the left corner to the right edge of the painting.  Or horse brasses or something there but won’t rush at it as probably better to leave well alone more or less.  Perhaps sticking a side table to the wall would do the trick ….