Green fingers?


Trying to build a tree canopy

Well, yes, I’m still working on moving full sized plants and pots to safer havens in our garden and came close today to having to declare my back and knees a permanent disaster area; standing up straight being a bit of a challenge at the moment.

But the green fingers in question happened yesterday eveneing and are real digits of a lovely shade of green.

Tried using tweezers to hold the blobs when dunking them but wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped so hands in the paint pots it was, with the odd brush to add other shades.  I found the painted up blobs were most receptive of re-shaping when wettest and, once they’d sat for 8-10 hours on a cooling tray to dry they were only brittle around any thin edges but still mildly fluffed in the middle.  They are glued in place with tacky glue (some of the excess not removed is visible here and there) and some blobs have been slit to wrap around their branch, others pierced slightly to thread a twig end in more securely.  Will see tomorrow whether they’ll obligingly stay in place.

Yes, I could have worn gloves, and did try them but the wet cotton wool seemed to stick to them more so off the gloves came.

Will try adding some details or leaf shapes on the odd blob and see what happens

On with the other tree.

Smaller box


Rustled together some pics of what have been pondering when sneaking in to my workroom, but it’s all v ongoing stuff.

So far I’ve made two different Quiet Corner room boxes playing on the a mix of the meanings of the phrase Book Nooks; one being a quite place to read and the other an insertion of a room box type feature between books on a shelf.

The first one of them is based on Dutch C17 painting styles uses mirror surfaces to enlarge indoor scene by adding a corridor that appears to run out from the back of the room box, but is very much room box.  The second uses the same ideas but adds a 1930s-50s housing estate outside an art deco living room, again very much in the dollshouse genre and both boxes having mock book spines across their frontage.

The plan for this third one is to lean more towards the whole optical illusion side of things, using a much larger area of mirror surface and is to be of an outdoor scene filling the majority of the box.  Dead space will occur where the battery case sits (at the left front this time) and there’s a triangle of really dead and wasted space at the back where one of the mirrors sits at an angle to its partner.  This box does not open but must be viewed from an archway opening made in the front.

I think it may become clearer with the photos

Building the box

Yes, I chopped a beautiful laser produced fairy bridge I bought in half.  Also used corrigated card for its path instead of lovely the wooden one provided as it’s so much easier to work with if hacking things about is your game.  Will add grass and or gravel for paths etc, and am hoping to ‘plant’ daisies and buttercups around and about, using flower kits.

Using computer print out pics that I have to hand for experimentation

I’ve left the protective film on all the mirror pieces to keep them as clean as possible and less likely to get too scratched.  This gives very milky viewing of the reflections I’m afraid but I think you can get some idea of what may happen with this layout.

The islands of DAS clay

The twigs are all rosemary I think, the ‘stones’ are very dry bits of wood collected on various walks over the years and the plants are all bought in but hacked about by me.

Those milky reflections and possible lighting


More milky viewing

but it’s growing into a bit of a puzzle path park, I think …

As they still seem to fig their spaces it’s time to let the islands dry out – how much shrinkage?  Hmmm


Busy, busy


Small gardening as a moveable feast?

Life’s normal intrusions into the world of mini are flowing thro this ‘neck of the woods’ at full flood at the mo, tho mercifully nothing that can’t be worked on or thro one way and another; it has, however put a stop to any playing around in the workshop. Well, much of the playing around – I do occasionally sneak in and ponder.

On the simple face of it this flood is headed up in one part by a search for builders (full sized); staring disbelievingly at quotes from any found, and mumbling to ourselves over breakfast.  And any other meal you may care to name as we try to work out on fingers and toes what the quotes mean.

Why?  Well, winter usually comes after autumn, which comes after summer and the Covid plug having been pulled from the bottle-neck of lock-down, we would really like to have someone come and assist with securing our roof from the possible ravages of said approaching winter.  Well we may be more than a bit late with that one, but at least pre next winter.

However, up here the flow of Covid floweth well too, so many of the likely building operatives are thinning out somewhat as it strikes and depletes the available work force.  Not to mention the well publicised building supplies shortages which are causing havoc throughout the country.

There’s a lot of wishful thinking going on in this household as you can tell.

In case by some strange chance we do find a viable firm that we can grit our teeth and pay up for and who still have enough able bodied operatives, the pre works job that we need to carry out does involve stripping out most of our very small garden and prepping the poor plants for storage in some out of the way place.  This I’ve started on, but the heat wave of the moment is not good for working in, I can tell you.

Then, of course, there’s all the other detritus we’ve accumulated over the 40+ years of living here and that is lying about here and there, leaning nonchalantly on bits of our building …

Busy, busy it is!

More of a house, less of a box


What I hope are the last touches for this deco room box

I have added the other ephemera within the room but will post pics of those at a later date.  Keep well 🙂