The little old woman who ‘does’


Lucy, the well wrapped up lady

Lucy cleans and bakes for the coaching in and sometimes prepares snacks for the travelers to take along with them too.

In her own quarters she has little or no storage space for fripperies or much spare clothing, but just enough room to be able to prepare and cook the pastires and bread for the tavern and to foster a couple of young children that the surrounding villages send to her.

At the present she is caring for one is a small baby in the basket behind her and a young boy out in the inn yard talking to the pony.  The young boy normally sleeps in front of the fire, wrapped in spare shawls and whatever else is available.

Today is a special day though, one of Lucy’s former fostered children, now all grown up, has dropped in to see her while he’s on leave.  Exactly how he’s gained leave from his regiment in the middle of all the war in the Iberian Peninsula is what she’s trying to wheedle out of him with a judicious supply of food and drink .  He’s brought for her a new kitten to help keep her company.

— ~ —

All the above tale entirely depends on some form of mild success in making a military uniform for the fellow that will be sitting on that low bench – eventually.  He may end up being a clerk somewhere if the uniform is too ridiculously hard to achieve.

— ~ —

Back to the tale:

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build Georgian scenes - The Old Misery coaching inn characters

Lucy herself in all her layers of skirts, shawls and head gear

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build Georgian scenes - The Old Misery coaching inn characters

and the newly arrived little kitten playing with the edge of one of Lucy’s shawls

Where is this room?

and all those jugs and bottle of I know not what she seems to have stored around her.

— ~ —

Next up the experiment in military uniform making …  if you hear any yelling it’ll be me starting yet again as I try for something usable and vaguely to do with Georgian period soldiery.

The other eavesdropper – the lady’s maid


Here she is in the damp sleeping quarters unpacking her mistress’s luggage, removing the few things they’ll need for the night, while her mistress has a large snack and an argument.

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build Georgian scenes - The Old Misery coaching inn characters

Flash photo so pick out some details

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build Georgian scenes - The Old Misery coaching inn characters

And here she is listening around the slightly open door from the sleeping quarters to the green sitting room

Most probably the first thing the maid would have done would have been to remove her bonnet, I reckon but in the end I went with it still being on her head as didn’t fancy the frilly cap look without the hat.

Need to make the other luggage to go with the basket and the items that the maid has already unpacked to finish this room.

It’s impossible to take a photo showing the two folk eavesdropping at one and the same time, despite being able to just about see them with the naked eye

Just two more figures to dress and set in their scene down below this room.

Thinking, just thinking … about mini-ing another painting


… well, doing a smidgeon of planning too.

I am somewhat loathe to start a ‘new’ project when I’ve not completed the one at hand.  There are still three dolls to dress and arrange, a bed to dress and the little old lady’s room to finish off a here and there.  Shouldn’t take long but as I’m ‘stealing’ time for it from more pressing needs, I don’t seem to be getting any nearer the finish line – yet.  But getting there.

Meanwhile, my mind is bursting with ideas of what I want to make next; in fact it’s gone as far as sneakily collecting images and doing a rough sketch plus allocating resources for making it!  All things one can sneakily carry out in filched moments of the day.

This semi-secret planning (not confident enough to give a wee preview here yet) has a theme and the particular item has an added historical flavour – a further nod to paintings of the C17, or at least their general themes, but with a twist.  Oh, and I suppose I could say that it’s a sort of box scene.

I say no more but will leave you with the only piece I’ve made so far that is also based on a painting.

All the very best and keep safe, won’t you?



You can’t happily ‘slow down’ a butterfly-mind


Would love to be working on finishing the characters in The Old Misery and get it shelved happily in the sitting room, but am totally committed to the task at hand of helping out on a much-needed project for the next weeks.

However, butterfly-mind is always flapping its wings and as all jobs have their brain down-time moments and bits of the thought process go wandering off into speculation of possibilities of this and that while your hands carry on with a task, I’ve pondered on where to ‘go’ from here.

No doubt like most of us we all have been thinking on much more important and vital subjects that come under that heading, far more urgent than the hobby of mini-ing but, the hobby being lightweight means it’s easy to let the mind fly pleasantly rather than fall into the deeper problems hanging over us, at least for a short time.

Amongst the lighterweight wonderings, I can’t help but ‘design’/speculate about my next projects.

I’ve become very enamoured of Book Nooks – the mini scene type, not the cosy corners for reading of the same name; though at least two of my mind cloud designs involve one of the latter encased within the former 🙂

A mix of Book Nooks of the mini variety and real books and book shapes transformed one way or another and a second selection of the same so you will know what I’m waffling about.

I’ve already built a project within a book shape but I used a book box to house it.  It has a Steampunk theme based on the idea of words being mechanically destroyed and produced as cogs in the machine.  The paperwork the machine is fed is a copy of some of Charles Babbages Difference Engine design 🙂

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – try-out for book box - steampunk

The build of this can be found at All Together  My favourite bits are Measuring time by the Word

Back to thinking onwards

A feature of many of the Book Nooks is the use of angled mirrors to repeat one of the walls and produce the illusion of a larger and longer space, possibly curving away from the viewer.

All this fluttering brain unfornuately distracting to my concentration has produced very vague plans for a cross between Book Nook and Room Box involving the mirrors and angles.  The intention is to try to make what is a single box, extend beyond itself just that little bit further.  Mostly this can be done with a staircase or door to nowhere for instance, but might be given an extra boost with a mirror and and the very least it would be interesting to give it a go and find out.

It would be nice if that, in turn, could be combined with the idea of the slimmer shape of the Book Nook; the finished article slipping neatly between neighbouring books on the shelf for its nesting place.  A sort of Book Nook meets Room Box job.

Probably won’t do any of it but it is great to muse and imagine and sneak off for a little play now and again.

Needs a fair bit of working on and thinking through – if only I could find where I’ve cleverly placed my basket of bought-in stairs and doors to try out for a more convincing result perhaps?  Certainly if I do go down this road I reckon the whole experiment will end up being a full sized, though small, room box rather than the narrowed space I’ve provided here.

Here’s a few links to entertain you in passing – I hope you enjoy (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

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