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Здравствуйте дорогие друзья!Я покажу вам сегодня мою новую работу. Это не миниатюра.. 23 ноября проводится конкурс “Диво птах” (“Чудо птица”) Я сделала птичку в рамках этого конкурса. Птичка выполнена в смешанной технике (полимерная глина, металлический каркас, атласные ленты, ленты из органзы, перья и деревянный корень на подставке).Hello dear friends!Today I’m going to show you my new…

She goes on to say:

“Modna Lyalka” (fashion doll) doll exhibition was being held in Kiev on October 20-22. These three days were wonderful. I met my friends and other masters.
Here are photos of my favorite artists’ dolls:
The photos that ‘My Little Dream’ has included enlarge wonderfully.

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A lazy layout


and away with the big picture


This is a very quick visit while the line holds good.

Been looking at colours and spaces.  The lower walls will be green and the tops off-white so that’s a lot of potentially boring off-white-ness.  Have four pictures to go up and if we revert to the lighthouse border to bring the eye to the middle of wall it might balance out.

Time to commit to layout and choices and see how it goes.

All at sea


A feeling of the 50s

though a flying visit

Pondering various things before jumping in and making choices; meanwhile have turned to the last bedroom, the one for the two small boys.  I’m going for something a little different but am working through slowly to see how it unfolds.

As we were growing up in the 50s we were surrounded by adults whose lives were shaped by two world wars and who, understandably, were still referencing WWII.  There were many men in uniform, some doing National Service, some going off to Korea.  In the school playground the boys played games around war themes.

One of my sisters read many WWII stories, often out loud.  She had, in her early teens, a strong desire to be a pilot, but there was no chance of that happening, though I think they were using women in Airforce transports.  I shared a bedroom with her and, other than having to listen to stressful tales at dead of night as she read them out to me, there were one or two model planes hanging around and, later in the 50s, a large poster on the sloping attic walls showing the layout of a new airliner that was just going to be made at that time.

With these memories in mind I’m probably going to add the odd Airforce poster or picture to the teenage girl’s room but in the boys’ bedroom I’m thinking more of the sea.

I started out with a lovely lighthouse border to go all around but am no longer sure that it will get used on this occasion.  It’s early days though, and am presently playing around with fabric and an idea for a mural.

There’s a model lighthouse down on the mantlepiece in the dining room and up here will be kept the rest of the collection, I think – possibly on the window cill. The rest of the decoration will be a bit schoolroom-y with off white upper walls and mid-green bottom half, but with toys and a clothes horse tent lying around.

Possibly use some other marine motif fabric for bedspreads though that might be pushing the boat out a little too far do you think 😉

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ps:  Am posting this while can as the line is very ‘dodgy’ at the moment and we’ve got a sudden burst of better (and there’s no mobile signal here!)  After enquiring about what’s going on we’ve been advised that an engineer will not be coming to investigate until Wednesday, so it’s a case of see you next when I see you.

Someone makes their bed


Well almost