How deedy are your fingers


Book review from Janet Granger’s blog covering extraordinarily fine bead work – beautiful …

I love beading, so when I found out that this book, ‘The Art of Bead Embroidery – Japanese style’ by Margaret Lee had been released, I just had to get it! It’s published by Stitchology, who publish the Australian embroidery magazine ‘Inspirations’, so I just knew it was going to be good….. Margaret Lee really […]

via Book review: ‘The art of bead embroidery: Japanese style’ by Margaret Lee — Janet Granger’s Blog

The search for –


a better lamp/naked woman arrangement

To clear that up for those who have not read previous, I bought a beautifully painted figure from jlon7197 on eBay and wanted to marry it to a lamp.  The one I’d got (a table lamp) looked monstrous next to her and so I’ve been looking for a more ‘torch’ shaped lamp, preferably LED.  I’ve bought a bronze coloured oil lamp and am working on a possible matching together at the moment.

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Now how to fix it so the lamp is handleable – working on it

and a crisper linoleum

New lino for old

Gone back to the kitchen at last.  All worked stopped ‘cos was brooding about the lino yet again.  Loved the pattern but not the fuzziness. I’d built it up from a web photo of a piece of original old lino of the time but our colour printer is not really up to anything that needs crispness of print and this design needed some crispness.

Then on Poppets Dolly Bits I came across the actual lino pattern beautifully printed out.  But, of course I found it too bright so I’ve stained it and messed it about.

Now for the removable larder and the walls




Here there but not quite everywhere


Doors and no doors – odd views

Strange juxtaposition

theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - thro doors and windows

Moving the parts around produced some very odd views of the rooms 😉


Once the ceilings and walls are in the landing and most of the pictures can be seen through the back bedroom doorway when the two parts of the house are separated.

Back in the downstairs hallway

There’s also a bought hat which I’ve squashed into a trilby shape, the slightly improved girl’s school hat is on a peg and the horrid school cap is on the bottom level with the cat.

I’m thinking of using real plates at the end facing but paper ones on the long side run.  Not so much expense (though that’s a definite consideration) but sideways on the real plates are too deep to really catch a view of the front designs.  This photo is a try-out and I’m still thinking about it, as usual.

Smooth out those sweet wrappers!


Sweeties, spice, candy dish …

Do you recall small glass dishes usually with some wrapped sweets in them or sugared almonds perhaps? The bowls were themselves decorated with sweet papers – any memory of them?  I can still see foil wrappings being smoothed out carefully and being saved and then, when enough had been collected with sufficient variety, an irregular pattern was made by sticking pieces of them on the outside of a small plain glass dish.  Once that was dry I think the outer face was sealed with black paint or sometimes gold.  Anyone else remember these or am I having a weird fantasy?

Well, real or not, if this house is 30s – 50s then it must have one too – or something similar.

This Saturday is a general klutz day.  My hands are dropping everything and I’ve nearly knocked over more than one pot of paint, so the above is about all for today.

With the exception of these

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a little more deedy.