This you have to see … if you like minis


A Beautiful World
Josje’s World of Miniatures

Cool kitchen

As ever with the work of this miniaturist it’s all totally mind bogglingly worked in detail and finish – for me in this kitchen it’s the china and copperware I envy more than anything else, I think 🙂

Taking the plunge


putting theory into practice

I’ve been putting off getting my head around proving whether these small back dormers over the top of the stairs will marry-in each side to the rest of the long roof run, fitting in with both a high level slope (the lengthy bit) and a lower one which is a tiddly slip of roofing above the lower-set gable ends and which will match the front-facing slope level.

As I have a tendency to work on a little of the ‘Field of Dreams’ theory, twisting it round for my own scrappy purposes to mean if you start you’ll find a way, wjich in my case this ends up as build it, then fake it.  Today was the day, and so far it looks as though with a little sorting it may well work out.


When looking for a link for “If you build it …” I came across this link, billed as:

Two Teachers, Ten Students, One Epic Homework Assignment

A quite amazing school project and well worth a look-see.

High winds, lots of sunshine, snow and rain – all together


Indoors the sun is welcomed by the plants

Plant checking day, though I go round most days and talk to them anyway.  On the whole they do OK, but my plant management operates on the philosophy of having two chances – survive, or not do so well.  These two plants have been repotted a couple of times according to whim, or am assuming so, as have looked at the online advice just now in order to make sure I’ve spelled their names more or less correctly, and find that I’m mostly doing the ‘wrong’ thing.  Hmm.  Will try to do better, as they say.