What fun and games


Curved stuff
making a mess and sticking with it


Why?  I mean, “why?”

Lots of ‘why­s’ really:

  • There’s the basic one of why insist on a pelmet for an asymmetrical bay window just because I think it makes a room look cozier?
  • Why, as there’s definitely a need for some sort of skirting board to stop the walls fraying at the bottom edge, didn’t I buy some foam or just use foamboard strips?

I shall never know.  But this is what I’ve got and it looks like I’m sticking with it…

The curtains and pelmet?  Well… hopefully they may end up looking like a side issue to the rest of the room.

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - reshaping an Deco house - sitting room bay window area

This sort of asymmetrical bay often has curtains hanging from a bare pole (as has been fashionable now) or,  in more up-market accommodation, have the hanging paraphernalia sunk into the ceiling so that the drapes seem to flow into the room; but, for my idea of a standard, domestic 30s – 50s house it did look rather ‘non-homely’.

That, for the present, covers the excuse for the havoc of the pelmet I think.

And for the skirt?

At least the skirting will be hiding behind as much furniture as can be crammed into the bay, so that’s one comfort.

Yes there’s coving to go up too and another bay above – what to do, what to do?

I should just put my head in a bucket until any phase of this sort of thinking passes, but I never learn.

Back with you when the curve debacle has passed.

Put behind my ear for later


Good morning to you.  I’m always on the lookout for books, articles and websites about miniaturist and mini suppliers I’ve never come across; there are so , so many out there.  My today’s blog reading brought a list of suppliers – many of which you may know, but some you may not have come across before.  Enjoy, I certainly did – the ceramics put a smile on my face for the morning.

(click below to access the full list)

Janet Granger’s: list of useful sites

Since changing the focus of this blog from just being about embroidery, to also covering my hobby (and business) of 1:12 doll’s houses, several people have contacted me to ask how they get started in this hobby. ‘Where are the best places to buy miniature things?’ is the question I am being asked the most. […]

via A huge list of websites that sell doll’s houses and miniature 1:12 accessories, to get you started in the hobby! — Janet Granger’s Blog

For this evening’s bit of trial and error


we have the removable fireplace

Tomorrow it may not work.

I’ve cut the food tray as an interference fit in the fireplace surround opening, holding tiled area quite surprisingly firmly in place.  With the grate attached inside the chimney breast it offers an anchor to the whole thing.

Considered sticking grate with its front directly into the fireplace surround and jamming the card grate into its home but it didn’t fit as firmly as this arrangement.

Will see if its OK when dry tomorrow or Thursday, but so far so good.

Fireplace 2nd leg


Still to be done

There’s still gaps on hearth edge at each side at the very back too.  Just a bit of this and that should sort them.

Fix it to the wall and not care if the lighting goes and can’t get at it, or keep it removable and try to make it look fixed?  Hmmmm.

and the over mirror

I’ve taken away two of the panels but added a little of the stick-on glitter that matches the wall lights.

So far with this one – well it could be a deal neater, as usual, but it will do the job I reckon.

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - reshaping an Deco house - sitting room fireplace and over mirror

Getting there but all ready merry because the wallpaper join in the corner of chimney seems to match up 🙂

(Expecting (hoping) the carpet and hearth-rug will cover the ragged front hearth edge.)