Garden clearing time of year


and of course more planting etc, so v little of the miniaturing being done round here

All bearing in mind that the bits of card tubing need covering and the women need ironing and the base needs some felt dressing, I’m considering adding an arrangement of spotted fabrics between the two pillars.  The ambition is to make some sort of flower shape but not at the moment, perhaps.

The idea is that the window display should move out of the way when the frontage (still not fully designed and so not built) is slid out of the way to view the whole room space.

Pillars or platform will need shortening a fraction to make for a smooth slide away but am playing with the idea that it might just be a possibility – every hopeful 🙂

Refreshed – the art of second guessing


Hope all are getting by OK more or less?

Much better all round here at mo, so onwards and upwards and time to take advantage of the favourable circs and peep back into the workroom.

The dangers of stepping too far back

Have you noticed when you’ve had a ‘put-off’ period from some project you’re doing (large or small) basically anything you’ve not seen and/or looked at for a while (time slippage variable per person and job) that, although everything is set out as you left it so you can pick it up again you very, very often want to “do something about it“?

I was being extremely good and checked the notes I’d left myself as to where I was up to, did one or two of the tasks (building towards displays) and took up the large bookcase of bolts of fabric from the left side dept as was looking at the possibility of adding in a piece of card to make a small counter to put a loose bolt on perhaps, when it struck me how much more friendly and open the whole set up on that side looked without the bookcase there at all.

Now I still want those fabrics so if something is going to happen about the shut in and slightly anti-social look of the upright tall shelves then possibly I needed to build a lower unit.  Or I could just chop off the bottom from this one and set it sideways???

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build - 50s department store

Bit fuzzy ‘cos of lighting but we’re looking at the upright bookcase and then the laid down one
It feels to me that the second shot feels more airy and welcoming
Besides which who wants to reach up that far for a bolt of fabric?


  • It’s easier to leave things as they are
  • I’m usually into vandalism but in this case I doubt of my ability to make a clean cut across the bottom of the shelf unit
  • I like the look of the bolts of fabric set vertically rather than in the horizontal
  • Lower gives another display area on the new ‘top’ and shows more of the light coloured decor
  • Lower is more open, airy and less overpowering

Why can’t I leave it uncut?  It is too long on its side and impinges on the window display area, units for which were one of the first things made so I could use them throughout the project to delineate the free areas

Despite the list looking more pro a lower unit achieved one way or another I dunno what I’ll do; still thinking about it


theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build - 50s department store

Try out of more muffin case holders (or parts thereof) cut and added to represent glass frontages at the corners of the central counter
These need fixing in place but I do feel it makes the counter look more finished

Am also working on a window display for ladies’ department, though still haven’t settled on a frontage design build to hold it for the whole shop front yet; and am probably going to add a bit of a cross counter in front of the palm at the back on which can be put a roll of wrapping paper and some paper bags for both department counter assistants to use when wrapping purchases – and to add a little colour variation across there.

A word on muffin case holders and LED strings of light containers for decorating real life houses; you may have seen them, the ones you can buy in bargain shops particularly at Christmas.  These cases can take up a lot of space to hoard and can crush easily but are very useful for storing small items, can get dusty and greasy at the slightest whim and always leave me wondering why I bothered to store them, that is until I find a good use for them.  In this project they’ve been so useful not just for storing small things sorted for the jobs at hand but for playing with when designing and building certain items.  Oh, and they cut so relatively easily too in comparison to some thicker acetate items

On other fronts

Here the apple blossom is bursting forth, the tomato plants (high percentage of germination this year) are all doing well in the greenhouse, the lambing season is more or less over and, of course the temperature is about to drop below zero tonight!  At least, for the present there’s no strong wind to add to the chill 🙂

OK, here we go


Some relevant and some not so but still min-ing, well mini related might be more the truth

Here’s the relevant bit:

The 30s-50s store departments

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build - 50s department store

So far on the ladies’ hats and haberdashery side of things

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build - 50s department store

and on the toys and books side too

I really enjoy mini shop displays, particularly food or hat related stores but I’m discovering that if I’d wanted to make one I should have done it years ago.  I think I’ve lost (or am losing) the patience with all the very little fiddly things and shops have lots of fiddly things.

Working on the puzzle of building the display cabinets and counters was fun but trying to squeeze all that I’d like to see in the given spaces is getting really messy.  It’s mainly because of the depth of this room box compared to its height.  I’m going to have to do some remedial work on a number of the ceiling lights as I keep catching them and knocking them around as I try to reach around the box.  Shouldn’t have actually fixed the ceiling lid in place when I did – that would have made it so much easier or at least have done less damage to the lighting.

As you can see there’s a fair number of things been added to the hats and gloves, some seems to look OK and some needs further thought

I’d like to have added a dress pattern catalogue or two and a selection of patterns but space is becoming very tight.

I need to add something to the hanky boxes and scarves at the front on the left, probably some loose hankies perhaps; it generally needs tidying up and making a bit more definite.  Also need to sort something out for the curved front shelves of the central counter on the left side; am working on it though keep changing my mind

Possibly swap the hankies down to the shelves and make space for catalogue and patterns?  Will still need something with a little height in that space too – scarf stand?

Toy additions

Taking photos with the lights on makes for blurry pics for which I apologies but have found that using external light makes for a ‘search lights’ look to the photographs

The not so relevant

As a relaxation when puzzling out the mini problems I cause myself i.e. mostly when stuck making a choice, I like to think about what I’d like to work on next even if I know that I probably won’t do it or it’s an impossible build.  At present I’m leaning towards non-building tasks and instead dress some of the trinket boxe I like to collect when in charity shops or window shopping on line.

Here’s a few of the ones I’ve done and some that I’ve half heartedly dressed a little.  The photos show a mix of 2D and 3D which I rather enjoy as an optical puzzle.  Some items are related and some just seem to go together

The ship is part of a pile of random scenes in boxes that I try out with items every now and again until I settle on a preferance.  Bought two of these lovely vessels, different styles and sizes, and the smaller is going to try out for the shop window on the toy side of the department store, but this one is far too lovely to be hidden away and not used and so now lives in a box with a spare Art Deco background providing a companion ship and the sea.


A bit of something


but nothing new

Things a bit here and there healrth-wise and then there’s the garden demanding attention, but I have done some mini-ing, just not ready for viewing.

I’ve also spent some time ‘visiting’ some of my old minis when willpower was weak 🙂

Here’s a few pics of bedroom in Hogepotche Hall based on The Arnolfini portrait which has two of my favourite figures in it

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build - the Arnolfini bedroom

The room based loosely on the view given in the portrait, dogs, clogs and all