Dolls’ Houses Past & Present new website now open!


Dolls’ Houses Past & Present

A website and ezine about dolls’ houses: antique, vintage and modern.
Plus furniture and accessories

So much sustained hard work done by the administration and developers of this new site and it’s so good to see it working.  Members are busy uploading the photos of their collection(s) and work you can watch it grow before your eyes. Why don’t you ‘drop in’ as it were and watch it happen too?

In case you missed the link above


Still very full of a stinking cold here and been sorting out my bits for the Dolls’ Houses Past & Present site through watery eyes while simultaneously dabbing helplessly at a bright red, sore nose.  I feel about five years old.


Just been working on the small trinket and cigarette box photos that I’ve gussied up into scenes and took this photo of the 3D Dutch Still Life study early this morning when full light had not yet broken.

Who moved the hankies and the waste basket?!

The Messenger or A Mouse a Day Keeps a Cold at Bay



Today’s small contrib to the ‘art of mini-ing’ – ‘s not a lot


I’ve caught a cold, eyes watering etc, but needs mouse-t.  A little cheating and one more (if a little too furry) to add the rodent population. Yes!

I know she/he should have thinner legs (hub decided to advise me) but I reckon this one’s wearing its pyjamas.  Realism, sheesh!

‘The Prof’ – 1″ mouse; spectacles, tricorne cravat and sewing kit …

  • The Prof, ready for anything
  • He’s friendly and despite the stringy arms (and tail) he is a v hard worker
  • Always ready to sit in the palm of the hand once his day’s sewing job is complete

But can I provide him with some friends, is the question?

Definetely an outsized rodent (R.O.U.S) but I don’t think I can make them any smaller so the equivalent of one foot it has to be.  Made with a mix of factory made craft felt, a little felting technique here and there and mostly needle and thread.