Progress on inner and outer


The homemade roof

Story so far

I’m using the Dolls House Emporium Market Cross Kit as the basis for this build.  It started with the firm intention of using most of the kit and just replacing the trim with various widths of wood strip for a bit of variety.

I struggled badly with the sandwich that had to be built with the pillars, base and office floor, but once secured it already felt slightly top heavy.

Once the kit roof sections were dry taped in place I knew that they had to go – at least for my peace of mind as they added so much more weight at the top it felt rather unstable.

A redesign of the roof (that went through many test stages) has resulted in sections of roof made from a sandwich of 2 mm card as inner fill, wood strip flooring as lining running across the triangles and a tiling outer as the other side of the sandwich structure with an addition of a lantern section on the top built the same way.

The weight distribution feels much more stable and the model is very easy to carry around without having to brace a hand to the top to steady it.

I foresee a week’s worth of tiling to do …

Snow slopes?


Going for a frilly look

I’m do admire the frilly look of the roof of the Yarn Market at Dunster and have indulged in a number of changes in height over this roof in an attempt to achieve a little bit of movement up there.


I’m not considering taking apart  the bad uprights but may adjust some bits where possible.  Lots of roof level gaps to be made good before tiling can start.


theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - adding a lantern roof

Bit top heavy? Certainly makes the legs below look sadly light-weight and lacking …

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - adding a lantern roof

Painted it up to give me a very rough idea of what it might be like when tiled.
Gone a little Italianate?

Over the top


Wood beams still to go in and a finish on the cardboard roofing areas pre tiling still to do.  Red tiles I think.

theinfill blog – Dolls House Emporium Market Cross kit - adding a lantern roof

Gothic a-go-go.
Got a wee bit carried away, perhaps; a little ecclesiastical? 
But, as long as the birds don’t get in too much it makes for a grand working area?

Whole roof is still loose at the moment as need to remove and invert to add the beams and generally finish off the edges in there.  Will take more pics when lantern roof sections are dry; then I can remove the tonne of masking tape holding it all in place and the mock gothic panels will become visible from the outside 🙂