Judge’s Rules – OK


Better late than never

When I started this blog I added in some of the crocheted folk I made years and years ago.  They are made from scraps of yarns and crocheted on hooks that are too small so that you are constantly fighting the yarn but you are also making incredibly stiff and mostly self-supporting shapes.

They sort of grew as you crocheted and shaped themselves – bit like Hogepotche Hall I suppose.

I don’t seem to have completed the posting up of what photos I had of the collection, so as I’m sitting here next to the phone waiting for the call to go and collect the car from the garage forty miles away, I thought I’d add one of my favourite pair of figures:  the judge and the barrister.  You can tell from my fingers in the photos that the pieces are about 12 – 16 cms long.

Lord Denning was a judge very much in the news probably for as long as I can remember.  I think he died in 1999 aged 100.  Sometime in the late 1970s there was a radio programme about one of his, then, more recent rulings and I, for some reason I can no longer recall, took up the crochet hook and produced these.

The Judge

The Barrister

These two characters compete the set of remaining photos of the old work, I think .  Have fun.

The remaining crocheted folk:
Mini ValkyrieOliphant Meggatt –  Bella PostlethwaiteSmart folkWorking folk Judges Rules



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