Doll’s house?  No, well, probably not

A Confession

Now, I like miniatures but not good with doll’s houses as such.  I suppose I never understood them as a child.  Not good with that level of precision, finish or perfection.  Just as well, as tend to stand in paint tray when coming down ladder – oh, yes I have.  Yet at same time am basically a picture straightener, too.

An Election Entertainment featuring the anti-G...

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Always liked models – different to doll’s house?  Yup, I’m thinking more on the lines of a design or mockup for a stage set: (see links at bottom of page for further info).  Yes, stage design requires precision and it can often need the perfection achieved in the beautiful Georgian doll’s house sense.  It’s probably more of the blood and guts of daily living type of thing of a stage scene actually underway that I find more appealing.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Georgian, it’s just not easy to ‘give life’ to, unless you’re a Hogarth.  I suppose I have an occasional preference for the directed energy of purpose over total precision.

A vote for everyday creations

You know all those wonderful quilts you see in museums?  Absolutely beautiful items.

Quilt links:
Some Durham quilting,    American Museum in Britain   Australian quilting

I always figured that for every one of these masterpieces that have survived there will have been many hundreds, also made with what was to hand, that fulfilled their purpose and were replaced.  They weren’t special items; they were made in the snatched time needed for other jobs, to the standard that could be attained with whatever light was available.  It did the job and got worn through, being turned into smaller items and rags.  I would be proud if I could be counted amongst their makers.

But this involves woodworking – can the same apply?

solar fireplace

Not square but a lively fireplace

Needs something doing about it but fun to carve

It’s going to have to!  I’m not of the age group that put in much time with a saw, so here is my opportunity to lose the odd bit of skin and digit and widen horizons:  and so I have set forth to ruin the household DIY equipment and create a wood, paint and Fimo version of an everyday quilt.

Having been setting forth for the last year and a bit, it has kept me quiet and cost quite a lot – so the shopaholic side was satisfied too.

So, how’s it going?

Great fun to think and plan and try to carry out, with vast input of info from books/web/proper miniaturists, and just plain old ‘suck it and see’.

Never took to the electrical drills/saws so seem to have been trying to reinvent whittling and had great fun finger painting whenever possible.

All told it’s just philosophy in action.  If you don’t do as you’re supposed to, you get something else all together.  As I’m rather into the organic method with butterfly impulse on the side, the finished results are just what they are.

… and the mid flow results

Sometimes the apple of one’s eye of the moment looks v shabby weeks later – partly falling out of love and partly the learning process in action.

Other times you can surprise yourself when looking back at part of the job and think, well I never did that, did I?

It’s still growing and changing and ‘becoming’ which is OK as far as I’m concerned but I do appreciate that folk who actually know what they are doing may well feel really uncomfortable with this.

Please accept this as an homage to all those sites illustrating wonderful work done by folk who really do know what they are doing, with a dish of apology on the side.


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  1. Love the unique viewpoint! Some of the best times in my life have been from ‘going with the flow’ and not doing what I was ‘supposed’ to. Too much ‘supposed to’ in the world.

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