Working a Process

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As it sits today with another 9″ to go on this slope

‘Twas a right bind trying to get some similarity between the left and right side of the bits of slope either side of the twisted triangle shape, but now they’ve caught up with each other it’s easier to keep an eye on the line level.

The process

Repeat until ‘cooked’.

What’s been learned from the process


Learned that the overhang all round is not deep enough.  It’s plenty to allow an almost flush guttering but I had envisaged it standing out much further, with a much deeper look to the fascia.  Move on to plan B for the guttering, I guess; another learning process 😀

Those ridge tiles

I rather like the rounded ridge tile shape and can remember noticing them way back when on this style of house because they looked very different to sharp-edged ones.  There are many ridge tiles available to buy but I could only find ceramic ones of the shape I fancied, hence the cardboard rolling.  Or what I think of as bus ticket rolling.  Did you never sit on a bus, (or in my early childhood a tram!) ticket in hand and roll the ticket back and forth as you travelled along, which I found a couple of times, to my horror, that the ticket inspector hated?  I did try to break the habit but would find myself still doing it on the next journey.  Apologies to all ticket inspectors.   However, today it came into its own and proved itself to be a very handy habit.


Still raining, just a little, and then a lot


And still tiling, just a little

Each row doesn’t take long at all but the stop-start business because of the danger of stray glue sticking the two parts of the house together at the tiling edge does slow things down a bit.  Onwards and upwards, as ever.

A little jaw-dropping?


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