Now’s the time to use the hoard


Been squirreling away

Will get back to the Medieval to Jacobean what-not asap, but first must do something with this collection of things before they climb out of their storage bin and take over the world.  (There are only so many times you can fall over a little something in the doorway before you realise you’re just going to have to do something about it one way or another.)

I don’t know if what I have in mind will work or if I will get anywhere close to liking it, but what’s new?  Really burning to have a go, so that can’t be all bad.

Kim’s Game

Have you got them all memorised? Good.

Now rearrange them.
(Discard what doesn’t fit)

Gargoyles and pinched clay figures


Self inflicted wounds

I’m still here, but I’m also still splitting the finger slice I made every time I do anything interesting. So I’m going to have to give it another week, I suppose :(

I’d been keeping these particular items behind my ear for later in order to sneak them in undercover of something else, as I’m not desperately happy with them. They may serve the purpose but could be better, if you know what I mean. The figures are about two inches high and made by pinching the DAS clay and using finger nail markings and strokes. And it shows!  Anyone got memories of playing with raw dough left overs when a kid?  Well a lot like that aren’t they?

However, sharing is sharing so here they are. To use them or not to use them?

Oh, bother, what a pother



How can you cause yourself a claustrophobia attack simply making walls in a model? Well, easily it seems. Been working on two adjoining walls in the gallery and came over all of a doodah. Couldn’t put anything straight or get anything to fit. Time to back off for sure.

Seven days later

A good(ish) clean round in the workroom, I’m back having a go at this corner area approximately seven inches wide by seven inches deep and set at about four foot odd high; which means my chin height – already all hot and bothered just thinking about it. Deep breathing!

theinfill doll's house blog - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean doll's house - external wall

New outer for new wall

theinfill doll's house blog - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean doll's house - external wall

DAS frieze

And yes, it is a different window and wall – as opposed to this:

theinfill doll's house blog - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean doll's house - external wall

First window wall on other end of LG

So far so good – I’ve got one of the walls rebuilt and am now starting the next.

 Not so fast, little blossom!

Three days in and I’ve chopped a slice from the side of my index finger pad – heavily bandaged (plus digestive probs cycling round again, just in case I’d forgotten what they’re like).

This train’s going nowhere for quite a while. Boohoo.