All together now


Done and seated

I ruffled up some more of the wool for hair and added back the flying mess I’d previously chopped.  Is it just me or do the specs give him a bit of a look of Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller?

All together now

(or the backcloth in need of a good iron)

Done as a sequence of images as the connection is so slow this evening I can’t get slides to run for checking.  Hope you don’t mind.

theinfill on a steampunk theme - The end result - Time Techs

The book

theinfill on a steampunk theme - The end result - Time Techs

North – inner spilling over onto outer

theinfill on a steampunk theme - The end result - Time Techs

From the west

theinfill on a steampunk theme - The end result - Time Techs

From the south – will enlarge

theinfill on a steampunk theme - The end result - Time Techs

From the east

theinfill on a steampunk theme - The end result

Across from east – will enlarge

The idea and design

Dreamed up possibly as a shout re the passing of time and aging, possibly re the grinding of the ‘soul’ from the printed book by electronic media, or none of the previous. I do have, and read electronic literature and a good tale or line of reasoning can draw me in, but I rarely feel as though I ‘own’ it and thus feel less of a relationship to the word being offered.

I do know that the clod-hoppingly named “Time Techs” contains fleeting thoughts and references from many books that passed through my mind whilst working on it. Images of characters and incidents: cheese (wrong cheese) – Treasure Island etc, etc.

And I do like steampunk.

I hope you enjoy some aspects of it as much as I’ve enjoyed doing it.

Now I can get back to the model and finish the Long Gallery – three cheers!

Ah, I do feel so much better for that ;)

Blazer with top hat? Surely not!


There’s no accounting for dress sense

theinfill on a steampunk theme - dressing 1:12 scale figure - man -

Possibly needs spectacles or monocle?

This afternoon’s workings

Adapting the pattern for man’s coat from “Dolls House and Miniature Scene” (December 2014 issue) I assailed a blazer design.  I shortened it and cut out some of the skirt widening, added a back pleat, a leather ‘W’ cut collar and a breast pocket.

I hadn’t realised how narrow shouldered the figure I’m working with is.  I had filled out the skinny bits on tum and bum but failed to pad the upper torso at the back.  So I stuffed stuffing across from arm hole to arm hole once the blazer was in position.  His hair is a wool mohair mixed yarn and I should have left it longer – drat.

There are still ‘things’ to do, but top of my list has to be darkening the beard to match the hair.

He now looks like a shady dealer in something we might not want to know about – most unfortunate.

ps: the strange mousetrap shape on the hat is the spring from a clothes peg


Bags and brogues and dicky shirt front


Today’s efforts

Doesn’t he look to you on the right as though he’s about to burst into a hearty rendering of  ‘Oh, what a beautiful morning’?

Seem to be setting this figure’s time period a little later than yesterday’s woman.  All pattern bits made from scratch and wadding stuffed in trousers for bum and behind shirt front and trouser belt for tum.

And meanness to dogs

Also today I decided to move the toolkit dog further from the food – well I mean, hygiene and all that!

More fiddling around (tomorrow possibly) – man needs a jacket for starters and I seem to remember another magazine pattern I can make a mess of for that.  Now where did I see it?  December issue of the same magazine as yesterday’s possibly?