Plumbing and beverages


Small break needed here

Even before we start, I’ve got side tracked.  I’ve been playing with the possibilities of a 1:12 dog and tea tray of food, (I should be painting tray darker etc).

Cute pet hazard warning


(As usual, click on first photo in each section to get the full story with side comments ;))

And whilst we’re taking a break

Having taken the side track I then wandered down a side branch and disappeared into the distance of memory.

Messy crochet warning


There came a day when I fancied doing something mini but ‘other’ and thought ‘what about a tray cloth’.   Note to self:  next time you fancy having a go crocheting with sewing cotton just because you used to 30+ years ago, don’t.  Besides which once the mugs and plate are on top you’ll never see it.  Which, when the finished item is viewed, is probably just as well.  Should this, perhaps, be all old china and fairy cakes?

Hmmm.  Is this even going to be a cuppa (ie tea) for the break?  Thinking hat going on.  How’s about chocolate/cocoa?  A radio news item stated that we oldies would benefit memory wise if we drank a mug of it each eve.  (Is that instead of rubbing it in?)  Well you have to start somewhere, (the drinking of) why not try it in 1/12th scale and see if it works?  Hmm?

(Cheated and bought in cake rather than go through the fight of making the lovely but extremely fiddly things – really not my thing at any scale.)

And for the plumbing?

There were bits and pieces of this and that in need of completion to bring the ‘system’ up to scratch for ‘working order’, the output and the waste disposal as it were of this here fantasy mechanism.

Still working on and figures to add :)

Cuppa and a chip butty


All this for a cup of tea?

theinfill doll's house blog -hands for the hands - Time Techs book

What you miss with the eye and pick up in a photo – I’ve now mended the hand on the left – hopefully.

Been trying even harder than usual to do everything in the right order.  (You know, as your supposed to.)  Lots of steady breathing and walking away, giving things time to dry. (Meanwhile, weeks later …?)

Most of it, as you can see, is straightforward, faffing with a slosh of glue, a touch of paint and the shadow of an idea. Enough said.

Here is an up-date of some of the odder bits of construction – those I’ll own up to – as well as some of the problems I caused myself in the making. (Ah, ‘twas ever thus.)

Odds of detail

(do have a click on the first image to get the full story line)

The big problem of transforming concept into tangible item is made more ‘picky-picky’ as this one has so many elements.  It’s become a project of lists.  And trying to remember where I’ve put the lists.  The bits and bobs are more disparate than a room in a house, unrelated but, hopefully coming together more or less amicably.  Lots of over egging the (fantasy) pudding‘.

The print is made up from info on Babbage’s Difference Engine and diagrams along with the odd Victorian and Edwardian image.  As they are mostly overlaid or all scrunched up it’s hard to tell.

Apologies if half the photos look as though they’ve been shot at dead of night – they probably have, can’t remember.  But the lighting in the room I’ve been using is subtle rather than useful so augmented with LED lamp – lots of blue light.  Although the ‘book’ is portable it’s usually still drying and unstable at photo time, hence all a bit ghostly/ghoulish/bluish and murky – big sorry – though the odd nice shadow?

theinfill doll's house blog - constructing the vortex of paper for the Time Techs

Armature for hands and feet: there are lots of pages on this – a matter of making your choice.  I’d run out of florists’ wire and wanted bulky hands for the clock and use coated garden wire.  Not subtle but strong.

Oversewing in book binding (I think that’s the book binding style I’m trying to represent)


Background forward


Addition of Meccano etc
another glue-filled day

 Wheels, cogs, chains and pulley bands along with clock chime ring.  Lots and lots more holes in that poor book cover so as to house all the added hardware.  (As a kid I dreamed of owning a set of Meccano ‘cos I wanted to build a crane.  Really liked that 1950s stuff.)

And doing the cover

The padded book cover is earning its keep covering up all the holes and bringing inside and outside together – (as long as the glue holds).

theinfill doll's house blog - adding dimensions to the Time Techs box

Well, I just like the photo ;)