Background forward


Addition of Meccano etc
another glue-filled day

 Wheels, cogs, chains and pulley bands along with clock chime ring.  Lots and lots more holes in that poor book cover so as to house all the added hardware.  (As a kid I dreamed of owning a set of Meccano ‘cos I wanted to build a crane.  Really liked that 1950s stuff.)

And doing the cover

The padded book cover is earning its keep covering up all the holes and bringing inside and outside together – (as long as the glue holds).

theinfill doll's house blog - adding dimensions to the Time Techs box

Well, I just like the photo ;)

Goggles and glue …



Looking a bit like the beginnings of an attack of the Borg Collective,  I’ve started on this part of the task as am waiting for things to dry, things to come in the post and things to ‘hatch out’ in my brain into something sufficiently viable so that I might possibly stand a chance of carrying them out.

The goggle strap, oddly, fits below the ears as am unsure of size of hat and other head gear to come.  Why start with the goggles?  It was just one of those things, just one of those crazy flings …



A nod towards a touch of steampunk

theinfill doll's house blog - Time Techs box

Must straighten that clock – again!

I’ve been planning and collecting for this project for over a year and am still adjusting some of the plans, but finally I’m beginning to get to grips with it.

I had intended to do the job as a ‘oner’ and post it all together as a complete job before going back to the ‘big house’ project.   However, during the enforced none use of left hand due to trying to slice a bit off, I got sucked into a fad of reading a book a day for some reason so am being a little slow on the jobs to hand now the finger is beautifully healed.  Mea culpa.

And so just to assure you that I’ve not run off to sea, here’s the story so far …

The Construction

Most, if not quite all the elements in use below can be seen in the previous posting (the book box etc), and there are one or two bits I’m still awaiting to dress the set.

(may I suggest you click first image in each gallery as I’ve hidden half the ‘story’ in their captions ;))

The surface of Time and down the plug-hole

The support around the ‘plug hole of Time’ has been built from the inverted top and handle of a large water bottle with the majority of one side of its funnel shape cut away to house the clock mechanism pushed up to it.   The surface (or decking) of Time is made from a triple layer of thin card for some rigidity but not too thick to be unworkable.  The slashed area of the decking will be bent much further down into the hole and a paper surface will be added to all of it.

I’ve balanced the wind-up gramophone on its wobbling wire mesh shelving on the top of the clock mechanism and have inserted the outer from a broken hand bell to bring a little something to the metal colour range and emphasise the player’s horn.

The inner ‘book’ cover

theinfill doll's house blog - Time Techs box

Print of cogs, wheels, chains etc. Second try as the first, when varnished, was too bright. This one, much duller, is not actually as dull as the photo makes out. Am hoping to add some ‘real’ cogs and chains etc to the surface of it …


The strange flowery looking article on the left is also from the bell (inner used in gramophone) and is here fastened to an existing felt padded clock hammer.  The wire mesh shelf is the same material as used below.

The outer ‘book’ cover

When I was planning this I realised that much of the mechanical hardware on the permanently open lid that forms the back wall of the model would pierce through to the outer surface i.e. the face of the box.  I needed to come up with an answer to the mess I’d make and decided the easiest thing might be to pad the lid in an attempt to give that face of the piece a more solid and finished look.

The Techs’ cat-walk

This is to fit across the upper edge of the scene with at least one operative hanging around up there.  (Promises, promises.)

Am in the process of throwing together cardboard struts to act as supports to the walkway using the triple card, knife work (being careful to count my fingers before and after) and will try a cover of metallic paints to give a structural steel kind of look.