Grubby but unbowed


With the clay bits for the figures still drying I’ve been having a go at dressing the bandstand.

A planter for all purposes

This once upon a time plant hanger (now would-be bandstand) has to be many more things.  I’d like it to also be the park and the sky too; the whole bandstand environment in fact.  Dream on, I know, but if you don’t try … that’s what I keep telling the plant hanger anyway.

So far it has obligingly grown grass for the floor, gained the beginnings of a painted ‘dome’ and allowed greenery to sprout here and there.

Rough but hopefully going somewhere


Begun adding a growth in painted string to give a little more cover

Needs to keep ploughing on to see where it will go and maybe I’ll get to the figures too.

Trying to keep my eye on the ball as it were I’ve been looking at bandstands:

Overgrown in Sherborne, Dorset

Pattern and colours

Bandstand in use

and a Pintrest page dedicated to gazebo and bandstand


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