Dividing one room box area into three


Well really 3.5

I hope to make that a little clearer further on, but for the moment (fanfare or cliff-hanger music which ever you prefer) I’ve got the Chapel cupboard sort of done and in place.  ‘Sort’ of because it’s a bit rough and ready in appearance, but it’s done.

Show and tell

The Chapel is hidden behind shelves in the Guild storeroom at the back of the Master’s office. I’ve been struggling with the hinging and fitting generally of the shelving/cupboard door that forms the false wall to the Chapel.  It seems to have taken me forever to work something out but I see that the first posting for the mini Chapel was only two weeks ago.

I do hope these photos help make more sense of what is going on.  The shelving back splits down the middle to form the two doors, but the two halves of the of the shelf storage area are not equal width – um a photo might help with this:

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - making many out of one - Another cupboard dividing a room space

One narrow long section and one fully shelved. The split running down the back of the shelving where the doors part. A small length of the right hand shelves have no back when the door opens. (Sorry the piece is so wet in the photo, it’s a bit distracting)

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - making many out of one - Another cupboard dividing a room space

LED light coming from side into Chapel space. If you look closely on the right you can just make out the shelf ends with no back to them

When I look at some of these photos full size I can see how badly bruised the balsa side pieces etc got when rough handling the whole piece into place.  There’s no point taking it out again, fixing it up and then damaging it again putting it back.  I’ll try to touch up here and there before it gets boxed in even more, but as it’s going to be a long way back I hope most of it won’t be too noticeable.

The 3.5

The Chapel cupboard is in one corner of a standard room box area, whilst the rest of the areas are fighting for space as shown in the rough plan below.

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - making many out of one room box spaceI’ve been working on the various walls, painting them and adding any panelling etc, and working out the probable lighting.  Also I split up the floor and ceiling pieces into the separate areas – I just found it simpler to work with the visual of each ‘room’ size as seen in a floor-boarded area, and the ceiling was split because I found it easier to run the wiring for the lights upwards with a smaller piece of ceiling to fiddle with.  Plus I was thinking I might lower the office ceiling a bit – still thinking.


There’s wall drying on every surface in the Potting Shed and I’ve not straightened anything in out in a couple of days as the jobs have involved jumping from a bit of this to a bit of that.  Time to sort and clean for sure.



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