The bruising qualities of balsa



It has very little weight, cuts down its length very easily but can flake when you cut across it and bruises very easily indeed.  And I’ve been using this last characteristic to get me out of the problem of being unable to carve what I’d like.

Where is all this happening?

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - making many out of one - dividing a room space

Middle right room

The space which will contain the chapel, the office/family sitting room and a small corridor is, at the moment, one room approximately 12″ x 8″ (30 cms x 20 cms) with the headroom for the stairs below chopped out of one corner.

Breaking up the space is taking me some working out and I’m starting at the left with the wonky doorway which needs finishing off one way or another with a surround.  To do this I’ve gathered together bits of patterned metal and my steel ruler along with a hammer, should I need it and I’m going to impress some sort of design in a couple of different thicknesses of balsa and stain them, with the hope that it will help throw the patterns into relief.

The chapel needs placing next as it won’t fit over any flooring and then the floor and any lighting for the back half of the space.

Wish me luck 😉



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