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Digging up the pavement


Nothing too drastic that can’t be rectified if/when the whole street lamp idea is jettisoned.

What happened to the sorting and cleaning exercise?  On hold as there is non-mini sorting going on around here and some of it has magically taken up temporary residence in the Potting Shed, so no point in working on the workspace at the moment.  Though I’m still coming across small hoards of bits of wood strip wherever I look.  (Aaagh, followed by noise of trays and boxes of wooden scraps crashing against wall.)

In the collection of odd mini-ing moments this week I’ve once more succumbed to the lure of that street lighting.

The ‘recipe’ so far

First I went with a very chunky drinking straw, but as S said, it looked for all the world like a tram or trolley bus post for holding up the overhead cables.

Once assembled and painted up a little, I got this:

The base is several layers of balsa/foamboard and the small cross-bar does not go through the straw but two small pieces are held by more modelling clay.

The whole arrangement is more or less held in place by:

Not sure how firm it will be and it certainly will not withstand a flying elbow attack, but it stands upright and hasn’t so far threatened to topple over.  The notch in the docking area and on one side of the lamp base match up for the switch.


I had a go at the lantern bit, feeling my way as it went along and came up with an ‘orrid ‘appening!

And I’ve started that top bit again.

The LED light

I measured the length of the wiring plus bulb when deciding on the height of the lamp and have tested that it still fits in place at one or two points along the way.  Now it sticks out further than anticipated – big oops as I can’t shorten it.  Thought at first the straw had slipped after all but not so.  Considered if the wiring could have stretched a little but measured it against the other one I’ve got and, no, they are about the same.

I’ve replaced one of the cross-bars since the last one encountered that previously mentioned flying elbow.

New lantern

Used mountboard again and, hopefully, better dimensions.

I’ve also started on the lantern ‘hat’, using bits of cocktail stick for the infill on the outer edges

The meeting of two halves

It’s a bit of a juggling act when it comes to putting together the two prepared pairings of the lantern to make up the four-some and very sticky-making too.  The first time round (see crow’s nest) I used wood pieces inside and out for the body of the lantern and under and on the inside surface of the platform that forms the lantern base.  This time round the smaller platform will be supported by the painted bead, so how much room will still be available underneath is hard to judge.  Will use modelling clay if support is needed there, I think.

Will let you know how it goes when it looks as if it’s going somewhere 🙂