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One step at a time


and never be without your ‘House Manual’ too

Working on at the join

Hallway and stair time

Bannister trouble

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The Manual in question …

Was having trouble balancing memory and my (understandable) desire to avoid messing about with bannister spindles for the staircase.  I thought I remembered filled in bannister but could not, at that time find photos.  So I consulted with the wonderful folk at Dolls House Past and Present and was directed (thank you Zoe) to ‘The 1930s House Explained’ – Trevor Yorke which is a very useful book.  Then I came across the Haynes Manual on 30s houses.  And there they all were – lots of the shapes I needed.  Haynes, who I’ve always associated with cars and various pieces of machinery, also produce handbooks on various aspects of health.  In this case the 30s book shows all sorts of DIY tips about maintenance of the real thing including, well everything more or less.  They also have a Victorian House Manual and one called Period Property Manual.  I find the one I’ve got fascinating and incredibly useful.