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Kitchen dressing and messing


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Often used to refer both to a small kitchen or a kitchen cabinet which has cupboards, shelves and work surface all together. These days it appears to cover a small cooking area with fridge and microwave and possibly a little more.

In the case of this 1930s – 50s attempt we have a small kitchen – gone is the living room kitchen arrangement but what is left is a small cooking area and a dining room and sitting room.  We have a kitchenette with, on the left, a kitchenette in it (bright yellow and white piece of furniture at the front).

Wiring run

Somebody has been busy?

This kitchen is a bit of a Marie Celeste.  Lots has been going on but no one is around.

If you look very carefully at the yellow cupboards on the left, there are two old Bero recipe books sitting on the shelf.

Views all round

Still an airer to go in here

Conclusions before explanation.
Or is that excuses after descriptions?
Lopsided as ever and whichever decorator the inhabitants had in to do the border must not be asked to do a border again.  Partially due to sloppiness and a lot more to do with small space and inability to tip head to one side and back again for more than a short time, (benign positional vertigo) though I did spread it all out over a week and a bits worth of sortings and stickings.  Self inflicted scrappiness …
Overall, as long as you can put up with wonky then it probably gives the feeling I’m after 🙂

— ~ —


theinfill art deco dolls house blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - Medieval Tudor Jacobean dolls house blog - dining room lamp

The two parts of the naked woman lamp are drying out nicely and still seem to fit together.


Kitchen – patterns galore


A bit of throw it in the air and see how it lands – if at all.

Progress so far with the chucking

A play around with the lino 

Don’t know if what appears here will be used as it’s possible it won’t sit flat to the floor.  I’ve used a mix of a marble coloured paper as a border to give a little relief to the eye, and the pattern I fancied in the centre.  They are cut to echo the shape of the room floor as it goes around the pantry. Had wondered whether to put a thin border of contrast between the two but think it would be too much.  Will probably go with some arrangement similar for the flooring I think if this example doesn’t work.


Got the sink attached to its base with brackets from Sussex Crafts.  The way it sits looks ungainly but there’ll be the waste pipe down under the overhang along with the draining board over the top, under part of which the washer hides.


Bought the table from Elf Miniatures for two, maybe three, reasons.

  • the dark green one was slightly too wide
  • had decided on a serving hatch through to dining room (tell you about that later on) and this table is meant to sit dead centre below it
  • want to put the kit cupboard (the last photo of gallery) above the table and felt they went together

I know it looks not quite right from above but it has a wide aluminium strip for the table edge which is the most prominent thing when viewing from the front of the room.


The tiles shown below the cupboards won’t be there but wanted to look at each with the colour range that will be on the walls around them.

The walls and bruising balsa once more

Getting a bit ‘itchy’ about the wallpaper again.  Don’t want to print any more out but would like to keep it away from the lino to minimise the ‘whoomph’ of pattern.  Besides which, am not fond of wallpaper in the kitchen going down to floor level.

Have therefore decided on half panelling around the whole room in that underwear pinky colour that didn’t get used in the hall and, funnily enough, have made the panels themselves out of the closed banister wood that was already prepped, but abandoned, when open banister spindles won the day.  Ah, waste not want not, indeed.

The closed banister sections, being balsa and once I’d squared them off, allowed light scoring with the back of a knife to give the random boarding effect.  It’ll be topped off with a nice dust collecting wood piece.

And the reason for the serving hatch?

A friend reminded me of something that I’d occasionally experienced as a child when visiting – that is watching the television through the hatch, and I so wanted to represent this memory with the table set for viewing and no crumbs able to get on the dining room floor.

What’s next?

Sort out that floor.