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There is a tide


in the affairs of (insert preferred word here)

That there roof

I find when making things up as I go along that photos of originals are great; drawings and plans are wonderful.

I need a more 3D jumping off point to fire me up, a fiddle about with angles, heights, places that need adjustment, others that need a bit of a ‘cheat’ applied.  Then the photos, drawings and plans begin to make more practical sense in relation to the build I’ve already thrown together.

The morning started early (06:00) with homemade yoghurt to decant.  I like my yog thick so strain the cooled first makings in a jelly bag over night.  Today at some point, when I was bottling up the drained off whey for cooking use, I caught sight of the state of the floor and, still pouring, I thought “right, that’s the next job” and, of course, spilt a great sploosh of whey all over said floor.

So my ‘tide’ was one of rather sloppy whey liquid – which I took firmly with a mop and bucket.

A new possibility in motivational experiences?

Got the yoghurt, the bottled whey and the cleaned up floor sorted out and felt so energised, I marched off into the Potting Shed and, totally ignoring all my qualms about starting the roof as I still have very little idea of the skeletal framework shape or of the best way to split it for the ‘slice of cake’ section, I somewhat breathlessly dragged out a sheet of foam board to play with along with a protractor and started on the skin of the roof.

The size of the hip triangular shape has me seriously concerned and I desperately needed to see it and mark out its ‘shadow’ on the attic floor so that a skeletal design might at least start.

Back to those photos

There is a central ridge but it only starts at the top of the hip shape and then runs on to cover the next door semi, non-existent here so the ridge has to run straight into a vertical party wall.

However, the silly slice of cake section runs one inch further on towards the back than the ridge line!  How, you may well ask.  I can only think that somewhere at the very beginning of this current adventure, I must have made adjustment for the bay which sticks out the same amount, without taking into account that it wouldn’t matter anyway as the difference was, as they say “all out front”.

Still working on that problem but hopefully I can tackle it when the wood framework is being worked out.  Possibly a bit of an overhang from the back to cover to the ridge?  Or better still, the other way round – a short run of down slope from the ridge line to cover the back bedroom attic edge.

Spaces created in the roof

I’ve decided that I will dress some parts of the attic spaces and block off others.  Part of the area above the boys bedroom will be one of the spaces left open for viewing.  It is directly behind this roof split and it’s just possible that the anomaly caused by the split may be less noticeable/annoying because of the scenes of mayhem/storage sitting up there.  One can only dream.

A clothes peg and foam board experience

A base for the roof

Over all the room ceilings will be placed a single sheet of boarding on which to rest the roof – or at least an ‘L’ shape on the main section and a separate oblong on the removable part.  This base will need fixing down, but, in fantasy land it would be nice if a part of it over the bathroom could be slipped out so that the wiring run in the airing cupboard can be got at if necessary.  Because of the external plumbing/drainage items such as down pipes this is probably not a possibility but I’m working on it in my head.

There will, however, come a time when I get in such a knot with it that it may prove much easier to say forget the whole idea and let the electrics do what they do.  It will be much simpler to light with external spots any areas that go ‘dead’ than to get in there and mend.

Outcome of taking affairs at the ‘flood’

No great shakes for the passing observer and, on the whole, it looks just like two odd pieces of foam board leaning against each other, doesn’t it?

I do find it very reassuring to see that the whole thing needn’t be grossly high to the ridge and with a plumb line I reckon I could figure out some of the support features needed too.

I do feel better now.

And, oh yes … a ps:   yesterday I came across a bunch of articles on WordPress advising that probably in April sometime, they are changing the interface for blogs.  There’s some vague talk of the odd chosen layout possibly not looking or working quite as previously.

Please accept my apologies in advance just in case the next time you drop by the facilities don’t seem to be quite what you expected.  It may take me some time to adjust things, and then again it may be perfectly OK.  Don’t know until etc.

Wrapping an old brain around the last layer problem


That Roof

I really am planning, honestly

The ceilings and roof are all somewhere in my head with the exception of for deciding whether to use or waste the loft space that will be up there, I think I know how the roof might ‘go’.

Engineering is not really my thing

The wood is to hand and I think most of the other materials too, but the roof structure needs many more scrawled drawings and working out of angles, weight and joints.  Nearly there – nearly there.

A lot of the planning problems have to do with scale.  Everything in this house is supposed to be more or less 1:12, though indoors I have used some vintage 1:16 furniture here and there and shortened a couple of items just for the look of the thing.

If the roof gets built at the full 1:12 with all the angles true to the style of house this is, (40° I think) then it is going to be an enormous ‘thing’.  I’m trying to work out a way of reducing the angles just a little so that it will not be quite so high.  The problem there is that this roof has a huge hip on the side which will look very odd if it’s made to lean in much more than it should. To make the hip ‘triangle’ look smaller and possibly make the ridge longer may be another way to ‘keep faith’ but maintain the visuals I’d prefer; then the angle of roof to wall will need to be more open/upright/bigger.  What to do …

Not so much a semi-detached

Meanwhile I’ve probably got an answer to my questions of how to dress/cover that very large, vertical ‘would be’ party-wall to the next door semi – which is now totally, and drastically detached, but more of that another day, but I think it will be fun to do 🙂

Decision Avoidance?

Really got the bit between my teeth over plant making kits, after the couple I tried to do for the front garden space.  I think there’s a whole philosophy to be worked on around the challenge that they represent for me.

This time it’s a Ladies Mile Miniatures Clematis kit for the back wall, between the dining room and kitchen.

Well, I think I might be getting a little, well I hesitate to say better, but at least more relaxed building plants from a kit.

For my next …

Hoping to follow this up with a couple of hostas in pots or possibly another planter(?) which, should I manage to get them anything like, should more or less ‘cure’ me for the moment of the attack of kit making.  It’ll no doubt come around again one way or another 😉