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Planning and prep are where the puzzles hide


and bring the greatest enjoyment

This section moves us back down a floor level to the Solar/Sitting Room, sort of begun in July 2011 and mumbled at by me ever since.  When last seen it had a basic box shape with a couple of doorways cut in and a vaguely Holyrood Palace inspired fireplace.  I’ve tried to ignore it almost from the moment the walls went up as it’s been a problem which I just couldn’t mentally reach.  Basically I didn’t like it – it felt ‘dead’.

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Starting the Long Gallery on the floor above gave me a better feel for the space leading to it, what the approach to the gallery should be like etc, and so …  After having a good scratch about, the back wall removed and replaced with an archway (which possibly throws it somewhere between the Alhambra Granada and Strawberry Hill Gothic), the earlier ladder stairs taken out, the corridor floor lifted etc, suddenly there’s a whole ‘new’ puzzle to play with.

Still working on the arch wall giving it a rough look on the corridor side and all dressed up on the room face – but this is what we’ve got so far.

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When finished, the view of the tapestry will be restricted by the archway shaping to the newel post and the centre area of the tapestry.

90º turns (left and right handed) from J and A Supplies – the 3-step section turning after the straight run.  (They are sturdily built but here I’ve changed the angle of the top step as the corridor width was not quite big enough and I needed a corner off to allow for the free run of wiring up to the next level.)