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Update with choices


For Trumble’s Mum

re her kind comment on previous posting

Well, I agree with you entirely.  They would have lovingly cleaned the wall down and redecorated for the new and long saved for cupboards.

I hastily found a number of single sheets of wallpaper that might do the trick for redecorating the wall with the ‘new’ cupboards.  Some dark and of the period and some perhaps a little more 60s than 50s.  Settled on a couple to pick from.

One would probably be OK if the inhabitants were into older wallpaper and the other I think is straight late 50-ish (though has a taste of 70s too perhaps).

Now do we want the quite life with the older style or go with the swinging new?

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Pale and elderly and loud and woven

Both go with the pinkish paneling which will remain to protect the wall from the furniture.