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There we go


More than a little rough and ready
but up and working

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All asleep in Nostalgia Close

Not very bright, is it, and despite a little yellow colouring it’s still a very blue light – hey hum.  I have, by the way, now sealed off that light bleed around the bobble on the top.  Looks a bit like a white pom-pom on a woolly hat.

Now what?

One or two other things to join with Nipper as part of the street scene I think.

Back to the lamp

The design seems OK but the finish is pretty bad; mostly bits of modelling clay, used at various joining points, that I couldn’t quite remove, the old sticky fingers plus bad moves with a paint brush and, of course, over handling.  The lamp could be replaced by a ‘better’ run at it, but for the moment at least it stays 🙂