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Vrooom – and there it went


Bit of a funny old, wobbly day but managed to do some of the external workings on the long gallery fourth wall.

Have a good weekend one and all.

Sneaking a look at the fit …


from the inside

Am expecting a gap around the new fourth wall – sliver of light at both right and left – as they’ll get a very thin wood strip (or possibly card) to finish the edges.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – woman and child at one end of the long gallery

Do excuse me madam, but I’ve an errand to do in the long gallery. Oh, and apologies, I’ve forgotten to light the fire.

So I gave my apologies and made my excuses to the woman and child at the other end of the long gallery and stuck my arm, with camera, down past them to get a shot or two.

click on to enlarge slightly

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – stitched banana of photos of down other end of long gallery

Whilst down there I took a few circling shots and hand stitched them getting this rather odd banana with the slivers of light round the new fourth wall blaring on the left.
I do enjoy a ‘stroll’ inside the house once in a while 😉

Before the edges can be finished however, the outer face needs woodwork, brickwork and all sorts of fun and games.

More or less aligned


A little darker and redder perhaps but more or less fitting in 😉

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – long gallery multi layered woodwork 3

Now comes the truly fiddly bit – getting the outer rim of the panel sturdy enough to do the interference fit without wearing down. But first, must dress the external face and glaze the window.

Also must remember this evening to stick down the mock plasterwork on the other two fourth walls.  Totally forgot to do it last night.

Working under different lighting


My excuse and I’m sticking to it at this time.

Today’s bits – not quite a match to the workings of 3 years ago .

Have run out of the linen-fold panels and have used same sized, flattened ones with a little anaglypta strip for its slightly raised striping.  Also not got enough of top moulding so will mock in with some useful bits.

Was a right clutz staining the panelling for the new piece.  Tried the water based new stain (which I don’t like) as supposed to be better for all of us and it just looked dead.  Rubbed down and returned to the spirit-based stain.  This took well but, unobserved by me, the back panelling has some very raised, larger grain and this swelled, distorting the whole thing.  Left it alone for 36 hours and came back and started again with some sanding.  No wonder the poor thing looks depressed 😦