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Working on glue time


slowly drying then moving ontheinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - reshaping an Deco house - doors and windows

The brickwork is fibreglass cladding. I find it v fragile particularly at the edges.

Glad I’m doing top half of the building in render all the way round, mostly because of cost saving (cladding not extremely dear but not cheap) and now also having found it a bit tissue thin here and there.  I was surprised by this as have used fibreglass cladding before as wood paneling in the family dining room in Hogepotche.

Next stage is doing the arch but unsure sure what I’m going to do it with.  Bits of tile, bits of egg box, bits of cladding?  Also more render to do – let’s hope that it doesn’t bubble.

Shadows on the stairs – window workings


A little something to keep you going

Today has been window work and bad language.  Enough said.  Once the fight was more or less over I took some ‘checking’ photos and quite liked the shadow effect on the window reveals and cill in this one and thought I might share.

theinfill - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog -  Long Gallery a turn on the stair

A touch of the atmospherics

And yes, that is a blue plastic bag stuck down the stairwell.  I have spent an ‘orrible amount of time chasing minute pieces of this and that as they fall from my hand, ping across the stairwell and tumble down to the floor below.  Now they rest on the bag and only fall when I remove it and then tumble down to the floor below.

Getting there with the externals for the window wall and now need to do the pillars at the top leading into the gallery.  Another day, another piece of wood.