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To paper or not to paper


Floor seems to sit flat enough now wish to sort out the pattern traffic.

What am I looking for?

Hmmm – a mix, if possible of a 30s to 50s UK feel with the mish-mash that results from piecemeal buying, make-do-and-mend and lack of the wherewithal to renew items.

Hence the early sink arrangement, but the newer washer; the mid-50s cooker and cupboards and the late 50s table; the basic tiling and the pan storage above on the wall for the 30s to early 50s feel.  Looking for a general drab but hopeful look.

But when should we give them wallpaper in here?


There’s a large window over the sink and part of the washer so with that cut out there’s some relief from pattern, adding small squared panes though.

and on the other side of the room

On the window wall above the sink and cooker the plan is to run a high long shelf full of pans and other likely items with some tiling behind them to protect the wall.

Looking more like plain paper colouring (my wall painting being execrable) will give more freedom for the eye and reduce the pattern headache.