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Smooth out those sweet wrappers!


Sweeties, spice, candy dish …

Do you recall small glass dishes usually with some wrapped sweets in them or sugared almonds perhaps? The bowls were themselves decorated with sweet papers – any memory of them?  I can still see foil wrappings being smoothed out carefully and being saved and then, when enough had been collected with sufficient variety, an irregular pattern was made by sticking pieces of them on the outside of a small plain glass dish.  Once that was dry I think the outer face was sealed with black paint or sometimes gold.  Anyone else remember these or am I having a weird fantasy?

Well, real or not, if this house is 30s – 50s then it must have one too – or something similar.

This Saturday is a general klutz day.  My hands are dropping everything and I’ve nearly knocked over more than one pot of paint, so the above is about all for today.

With the exception of these

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a little more deedy.