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Fixed v Removable


On the one hand … and on the other

Storeroom roof sections

Am considering the whole roof being removable though, because of the many changes in slope, it might prove hard to realign quickly when all it’s been raised for is to put on the lights.

The lighting switch section (possibly plural – see photos below) need to be removable.  The rest is two bedrooms, one of which will be accessible for the smaller hand and one which will not if the roof is permanent, and one dead space with nowt going on in it.  Still thinking of practicalities of compromise and will get back to you on that.

Meanwhile as a combo with the above problem I’ve been doing some bits of landscaping as it were and decided I didn’t like the light level in the alleyway created between the storeroom block and the great hall block and that, if possible a torch light might help a little at least.

Torch in the alleyway

The grey card in the last photo will be red tiles (eventually) and the chicken photo was taken before the over-painting of the torch so not sure how much light still gets out and must check that again.

The controls for this one fairy light are now parked in the roof space above it in the storerooms.  As I had two strings of fairy lights I’ve sacrificed 9 lights of the spare set, cutting them off the string and leaving just the first one for use in the torch.

Back to the roof

I’m leaning towards Tilda’s side of the slopes being a mix of fixed and the lighting control at that end which does the rooms below, being a removable small piece about 3″ x 4″.  The inner slope may have to be totally removable, partly so that I can fiddle with that loft bedroom later on plus the new lighting control section behind that bedroom.  Hmmmm.  Still thinking.