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How much do you take in at a glance?


How much when you study?

I’ve been working on a 1:12 scale ‘scene’ in a small room box, 9cms deep x 16cms wide by 14cms high.  The main feature of the scene is a dressed table in the style of C17 Dutch painters, in particular the work of van Beyeren.  The intention was to select one or two images, take inspiration from them and then lay out a still life of my own according to my fancy, mostly to use as many as possible of the objects that have accumulated in my ‘Potting Shed’ and generally keep my hands busy now and then.

I ended up choosing one painting (one of the many Still-Life with Landscape) and it became a bit of an obsession, as I studied (or thought I studied) what items had been used in the piece and how they were set out.  On looking again I’d find yet another little something hiding under a rim or balancing on an edge.

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve looked at it I see a different relationship between the angle of one object against another, a different line of flow of objects.

I tried to work some of this out by building it in a 3D mess-about, using the bits and pieces I had to hand, but failed miserably and have, totally against my original intent, (1) of designing my own still life layout and (2) of not buying in new pieces, now bought in items that might represent more closely the style of thing that has been used in the van Beyeren set-up.  I have made some additions from stock shoved in here and there where the object can be adapted, or as a fill-in in the odd place where failure to pick up what’s really going on in the painting means there’s a hole.  I’m not trying to copy it so much as understand the geography of it.

The painting has a continuity of food-jumble and tableware, the breath and roundedness of life, you can almost smell it, but I can’t grasp it.  I failed miserably and I suspect I should have returned to plan A a long time ago and just laid out a home-grown still life loosely in the style of.

The box is now at the stage where I’m awaiting a couple of things and, as I once again look at the painting I spot yet another feature that I’ve missed over on the right-hand edge.

So, how much do you see at first glance and how much information do you gather on closer study – and how often do you check it?




Test of possibilities


Result so far

Not comfy with the dark shutter and am wondering about all that blank back wall.  Been looking at the work of van Beyeren (van Beijeren) whose still life scenes contain window views with fabric drapes rather than shutters, some having an assortment of raised levels of walling behind the table, giving shadow and greater depth to the room.

Though not sure yet how much of a distraction the window is going to be once the table is ‘loaded’, am quite keen on having some light source from the side, possible front and side to hint at a window if no visible one is used.

Meanwhile in the mini world, have rampaged through stores of bits, sifting out possible items that may suit the scene; plates, bowls, food, glassware, while awaiting the arrival of various purchases.  Only bought a few things this time and will see how it goes as it’ll take quite a bit of adding and taking away until I can achieve some sort of balance, I should imagine.

Things are getting small


It’s been hard on the finger tips handling some of these items but tweezers and particularly a pair of cocktail sticks saved the day when firmly seating some of them on their blob of wax.  There’s not enough room in there for my hands.

Some post, some printing

Calendar, clock and the neighbours across the street

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall – 1:24 box scene project

Started on the fourth wall and used a small print of the 1:12 Nostalgia Close as the view to be seen from the window beside the sink.  Rinso on the drainer and a drum of Ajax underneath.

The view assumes you’re able to squeeze inside this 1:24 kitchen with the fourth wall shut, of course.  Am still pondering whether to use a little more half boarding across the bottom half of the wall or a little something else?

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall – 1:24 box scene project

A very small (golden?) ladle on the drainer along with two plates and a badly used tea towel

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall – 1:24 box scene project

And through the post, cup, milk jug, a pie dish and useful cupboard stores 🙂

Hoping to buy some veg and strew them around a little – but we’ll see.

Tea, anyone?


Bring your own cup

Working on with the two Jane Harrop 1:24 kitchen kits, still not stuck cupboard doors in place as waiting on some packaging etc to possibly display there, and have been struggling with the framework for the Belfast sink.  Took the laser-cut sink supports and their extra bits apart twice as couldn’t quite get the loose side braces square in three dimensions, which meant that the sink would not fit, of course.  My hands/sleeves, wrists seemed to be in the way of viewing what I was doing(?)  Finally achieved something closer to square and added the finished off sink unit 🙂

The sink and drainer kit comes with two draining board supports, depending on which side you want to place the drainer.  I’ve used the second one to support a very short length of extra work surface between the draining board and the cupboard unit and added extra tiling.

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog, theinfill 1930s-50s Deco House, Hogepotche Hall – 1:24 box scene project

The cup of tea? Well, have you seen the size of that 1:24 teapot? Enough there for one-and-all!

The large plate with the giant jam tarts has to go, (far too big and hiding the bread bin) but the other set dressing items seem OK so far – I’ll see what happens when the other bits and bobs turn up.

Not sure about the ‘ultra-modern’ mid to late 1950s space ship light but will stick with it for the moment.  Its colour cheers up the place and the low ceiling needs something fairly flush fitting.

Think I’ll work on the fourth wall, perhaps add a window and clock there.  Would like a window cill there but can’t make the scene too deep as a good half of the box lid edge is needed for closure over the lip of the wooden liner.

Off to rummage in my many boxes and tins of bits for items to throw together for the lid and then I’m planning to put a chair next to the letter box, where I might sit, warmly wrapped and hands spread, ready to catch any arriving supplies.