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Tea, anyone?


Bring your own cup

Working on with the two Jane Harrop 1:24 kitchen kits, still not stuck cupboard doors in place as waiting on some packaging etc to possibly display there, and have been struggling with the framework for the Belfast sink.  Took the laser-cut sink supports and their extra bits apart twice as couldn’t quite get the loose side braces square in three dimensions, which meant that the sink would not fit, of course.  My hands/sleeves, wrists seemed to be in the way of viewing what I was doing(?)  Finally achieved something closer to square and added the finished off sink unit 🙂

The sink and drainer kit comes with two draining board supports, depending on which side you want to place the drainer.  I’ve used the second one to support a very short length of extra work surface between the draining board and the cupboard unit and added extra tiling.

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The cup of tea? Well, have you seen the size of that 1:24 teapot? Enough there for one-and-all!

The large plate with the giant jam tarts has to go, (far too big and hiding the bread bin) but the other set dressing items seem OK so far – I’ll see what happens when the other bits and bobs turn up.

Not sure about the ‘ultra-modern’ mid to late 1950s space ship light but will stick with it for the moment.  Its colour cheers up the place and the low ceiling needs something fairly flush fitting.

Think I’ll work on the fourth wall, perhaps add a window and clock there.  Would like a window cill there but can’t make the scene too deep as a good half of the box lid edge is needed for closure over the lip of the wooden liner.

Off to rummage in my many boxes and tins of bits for items to throw together for the lid and then I’m planning to put a chair next to the letter box, where I might sit, warmly wrapped and hands spread, ready to catch any arriving supplies.


Working it out as it goes along


For this box scene, there’s a fairly firm image in my mind of the finished item, but I’m finding there are a number of variables for the positioning of the bits before anything can really be settled.

The cupboard

Once the post brings the every-day things for the room then it might be interesting to leave a cupboard door or two open.

Next kit up – the sink

This is a Belfast style sink, made of wood with a support frame, taps and draining board.

So far so good 🙂

Next up there’s one of the first main decisions; exactly which way round do the cupboard and sink look at their most inviting?