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A lot of this and that


But firstly

A note re absence from the workbench

Dear (please insert your name here)


Apologies for this blogger’s non-attendance for the last ten days. It was due to the happy circumstance of receiving visitors over a long weekend and all the prep work undertaken beforehand. As it was the first time in over seven years that she has been able to do this, due to previous ill-health, I do trust you will accept this note of apology and that I find you well.


Yours sincerely ….


So what’s to do?

There’s a lot of building works to do before I can get to the interesting dressing the set stages so what is being produced will have a grave tendency to not make a great deal of sense to anyone living outside of my head.  Indeed some of what’s “in there” may well need to be edited out as overambitious and too fiddly for the style of the whole building, but we’ll see.

Getting back into the swing of things

There are bits and pieces of the fourth wall for the schoolroom lying around drying through its various stages of production and work has begun in earnest on the right hand front attic bay. Much of this also needs time and space to dry before more can be added, so it’s the usual bobbing about from item to item as it declares itself ‘cooked’.


The dormer in the side roof is slightly different to the one in the schoolroom which it mirrors but I fancied a different shaping for the upper window for this bedroom. As you may have spotted, I’ve also seen a little sense and left some room for me to get at the inner face of the dormer without having to become the incredible shrinking woman in order to carry it out, which is what happened with the other side of the house, and was not much fun may I tell you.

Off to see what’s dry now and ready for more mayhem.

Bed cont: not cardboard box after all


But it’s twisted

Plans for disguise

Hopefully the dressing of the bed will cover up the twisting of the frame, plus it will be viewed side on rather than along its length I think.  Also planning to hang things on bed head and from at least one of the over-sized bun feet ornaments on the bed head.

But first need to push on and deal with the rest of the room.