The passing trade

These fall into two categories:  a little up market and not so up


Lady, gentleman and dog – stopping to gawk

Here we have a woman (the usual crochet underwear) built up hairstyle, little gold earrings and bit of a lacy head covering.  Her jacket is a particular design that I came across many years before and that had stuck in my mind.  It has sleeves whose lower seams are built directly into the side seam of the body of the jacket, thus making it impossible for the wearer to raise their arms very far.  All very lady-like but hell on wheels if you stumble, as you can’t save yourself.  Apparently at the time that this fashion was around there was a large increase in the number of broken wrists, knees and ankles!  She also carries a muff (usually) but it seems to have gone walkabout.

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The gentleman is a little sporty, wearing a Norfolk style jacket and smart version of a flat cap, whose name now escapes me.  He has a monocle, bow tie and plus fours and is accompanied by a dog on a leash.  The dog has a small gold bead as a tag round its neck.  I always liked the dog, but, if you didn’t have your glasses on, you might be hard pushed to quite make out what it was.

The remaining crocheted folk:
Howie  –  Mini ValkyrieOliphant Meggatt –  Bella PostlethwaiteWorking folk Judges Rules


Located in downtown Los Angeles, the FIDM Museum is devoted to the exhibition and interpretation of dress and textiles. (interesting items and Norfolk jacket towards bottom of page)

VA312dilaerodogan blog (as above – Victorian fashion entry)

Edwardian Promenade (variety of men’s clothing)

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