Not so up

Here we have two groupings:  a woman with two children and a man carrying a rolled carpet and small barrel.  Their clothing could be any time from 1850-1900 ish.

The woman wears a wonderful hat with bird and hat pins, a shawl and carries a reticule.  She also carries a very unpleasant looking baby.  Sorry about that – the face is not very appealing.  The babe in arms wears a long dress (both sexes at the time did), a breach clout and a bonnet and is 1.5″ long.  This group is dressed in their best as though on a day out to see others and to be seen – or even visiting the in-laws, perhaps.

The young girl seems a little more modern and appears to have come out of the house without a head covering or shawl!  She has on a pinafore type dress with visible pocket.

The working man is in full working fig and has a waistcoat, muffler, bandy legs, flat cap, cigarette hanging from his lips and string holding up his trousers.

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The remaining crocheted folk:
Howie  –  Mini ValkyrieOliphant Meggatt –  Bella PostlethwaiteSmart folk –  Judges Rules


Cabinet card gallery (men’s clothing)

Sheffield steel workers c1850

Bird hat

Musical Hall audience

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    • Hi there, good to see you and thanks for the kind comment. How’s the tatting going? I made these folk during one of the occasional periods of slack employment about 30 yrs ago. My hands just aren’t up to this sort of thing any more, hence the model building instead.

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