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Star of the Show

Bella is a giant of a lady – about 7″ tall.  Her skirt and bodice are crocheted with a silky yarn and bordered with a ready twisted wool.  She has bloomers, a petticoat and a rather nice corset with tatted edging.  Her stylish hat sports a feathery protrusion made from teased fluffy wool (much the worse for wear after 30 years) and is pinned firmly down.  She wears her hair in ringlets and does, of course, paint her face.

As with many of these figures, the hair is stitched on whilst twisting the yarn to give a curly, bulky look.  And, again, as with many of them, her arms seem to have sprung further out than I remember them and she looks just like a scarecrow, poor kid.  Perhaps I meant her to stand as a true thespian declaiming her part in the theatrical piece.  Giving the benefit of the doubt.

Originally, I built a set to go with Meggat’s Thespians.  It consisted of a stage on which Bella strutted her stuff, under a striped awning and with a set of inviting curtains behind her, indicating to the crowd that there was more of the show to see within.

Meggat stood to one side next to the play bill and the small crowd (6 figures, if you include the baby, plus a dog) stood around.

The remaining crocheted folk:
Howie  –  Mini ValkyrieOliphant Meggatt –  Smart folkWorking folkJudges Rules

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