Meggat’s Thespians

A 2.5" theatre bill - as you can see I'm no calligrapher

One day I really got carried away.  I decided on an Edwardian theatrical theme – something that might go on at a fair.  It became a mini scene approx 16″ wide by 14″ deep with a fairground tent opening and stage out front. It had a showman promoter, one performer and a small group of passers by as audience. Oh, and a dog.

Thus was born Oliphant Meggat – showman.

He’s about 7″ high and a bit too smartly dressed and clean for his job.  He keeps tickets for the show in his pocket at all times.  He doesn’t have shirts, as such, but wears his long-johns with a dicky shirt front and tie over the top and loud braces (suspenders). (Though why he’s wearing a tie and not a cravat, I couldn’t say.)  He’s been in the business far too long for his own good and, like all the other characters, tends to have sticking out arms.  Should have wired them for bending or, better yet, taken a tuck stitch in at the inner elbow when crocheting round.

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The remaining crocheted folk:
Howie  –  Mini Valkyrie –  Bella PostlethwaiteSmart folkWorking folk Judges Rules


The Fairground Heritage Trust

Victorian Circus – I know I said Edwardian but this is such a lovely site

Actor Managers

Vesta Tilley

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