Not quite miniature enough

I made a blog mention of some crocheted figures I’d made, ooh, a long time ago and which I’d like to share now.  There’s too many to blog about, so here are a set of slide shows showing each of the figures and with accompanying notes.


Howie is a school boy circa 1950s.  He is about 5-6″ tall and has curly red hair, rumpled socks, messy tie, blazer with button and button holes and school cap emblazoned with badge and trimmed.  He carries a satchel containing one book, a banana and an apple.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, oh, how well I remember those wet, red chapped knees!  It wasn’t just the boys who suffered.  A gabardine raincoat was only mildly waterproof and would eventually drip all down your bare legs where the howling wind would finish the job, dyeing your socks navy blue.

The remaining crocheted folk:
Mini ValkyrieOliphant Meggatt –  Bella PostlethwaiteSmart folkWorking folk Judges Rules



School Uniform: English School Cap Conventions

School uniforms in the U.K.

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