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The Messenger or A Mouse a Day Keeps a Cold at Bay



Today’s small contrib to the ‘art of mini-ing’ – ‘s not a lot


I’ve caught a cold, eyes watering etc, but needs mouse-t.  A little cheating and one more (if a little too furry) to add the rodent population. Yes!

I know she/he should have thinner legs (hub decided to advise me) but I reckon this one’s wearing its pyjamas.  Realism, sheesh!

‘The Prof’ – 1″ mouse; spectacles, tricorne cravat and sewing kit …

  • The Prof, ready for anything
  • He’s friendly and despite the stringy arms (and tail) he is a v hard worker
  • Always ready to sit in the palm of the hand once his day’s sewing job is complete

But can I provide him with some friends, is the question?

Definetely an outsized rodent (R.O.U.S) but I don’t think I can make them any smaller so the equivalent of one foot it has to be.  Made with a mix of factory made craft felt, a little felting technique here and there and mostly needle and thread.

Taken to his bed


but I’m the one being lazy

Going for a minimalist approach for the inhabitant of this old house; really cheap and cheerful.  Just a head in bed.  I fear he has taken to the flagon, the flask and generally any anaesthetising inebriants he can get hold of, probably including many a drop of laudanum.  But he will be surrounded by quite a selection of food should he be able to crawl out of bed long enough.  And, from the looks of it, he’s had visitors to make sure he’s still breathing and give him a hand.  His pantry corner is well stocked, the fires have been lit and someone has been playing a hand of cards with him at some point.

Still working on the rooms but fancied a further run with the felting kit and materials.  I’m really no good at it but found that as part of a mixed medium soft sculpting exercise I could use quite a bit of the raw materials I’d made a mess with already.

I first took a goodly blob of the mess and wrapped it in pink sheet felt snipped all round the edges so that it was slightly tailored to wrap round the blob shape and then felt needled it in place as I went round.  I added three layers of the pink to build up the nose, one to make the jaw, another for the forehead, various for cheek bones and closed eyes and ears, all held in place, more or less, by using the felting needle, or what remains of it.  So far so good.  After that I resorted to a mix of needle and thread, coloured pens and eye makeup to bring out all the bits and pieces and felted on more of the wool pulled from the blob-mess for the multi coloured hair.

Quite pleased with the look of him (must give him a name) and need to make some pillows etc and work on from there.