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An untitled cottage – exterior


Keep changing my mind re what to call this build but in the meantime here are pics of how the outside has taken over and imposed its own personality.

On with the externals


All the projects I do have a back-story along with the on-going narrative.

I’ve defined the brickwork area with torn pieces of one of those oh, so useful card envelopes that books often come in through the post these days; it also provides an extra layer under the bricks, boosting them forward just a little bit as they’re made with flat card, painted up.  Also resorted once more to egg box bits for the curved card around the window opening.

and a touch of the internals too

theinfill blog – scratch build of eighteenth century scenes

And while bits of the window area were drying today, I started to play around with ideas for the covering for the ground floor.  This is a scrap piece of foamboard with one side stripped of its paper covering so can carve the foam inner.

More bricks to cut out of the painted card before can wander round the next corner of the build, thank goodness it’s a small building 🙂   Where did I put the long ruler?

New project, new decisions (1)


Working on a small house design at mo but am stymied by lack of brain and a total inability to be sure how the innards will be adequately viewable.

Here’s a little something that keeps me well entertained when I can’t think, and it’s where I’m sloping off to as soon as I’ve typed this.

The work of Joshua Smith

Last look at …


In the style of C17 Dutch Still Life

In the end I cheated with the extra lighting, pinching one of the battery candlesticks from the Market Cross building and adding it on the left-hand edge of the table.

Looks a little odd on the wall, but no doubt will get used to it, particularly if one of us gets inspired to wave a duster around.

Next move?  I’ve a fancy for a little C18 costume so am looking into a structure to house a suitable scene.  Got some ideas but need to learn a new skill or four.  I’ll let you know the outcome of that unlikely adventure 😉