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The passing of the last cat


Tickle and family

For those who have kindly put up with my saga of the aging cat, Tickle died today.  Here she is in one of her favourite sleeping places:  the garden riddle.

Allow me to present to you ‘Cat in a Basket’.

Looks excruciatingly uncomfortable, doesn’t it?  I kept expecting to find her coat marked in a diced pattern on one side when she woke up, whilst watching the whole paraphernalia sway slightly from side to side as she breathed (it being a slightly curved sieve) made more than a little queasy.

theinfill - Tickle in a sieve

She was 17 and one of a family 3 cats that came to us by accident.  Her mother (Mrs) died last year at 19½ and her brother (Buster) 5 years ago aged 12, from cancer.  Never having lived with pets before, this last 17  years has been a strange experience; a mix of fun and worry.  I’m deeply grateful for their company and shall miss them all.  And no, before you ask, we are not inviting any others to come and join us.

theinfill - Mrs - mother of the cats


theinfill - Buster, brother to Tickle

Buster, the eternal poser