Pillars and kites

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – 50s department store

Added an edge pillar to each vertical of the opening.
Still thinking about how/if to dress the outside of the box

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – 50s department store

Made two kites a-flying to give some height and a little more ‘welcome’ to the children’s display

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – 50s department store

Can’t hide from the decisions about the outside of the box, having got this far with the internals


  • The MDF box kit came with a shaped store front roof-standing name board – a bit curly looking for my taste and not sure if want to use that
  • Also box front trim framing pieces were provided – neither the name board or these edgings seem to be usable if the perspex (also provided) is being used(?)
  • Wall lights at the back are falling off again – drastic decision to be made or just play along with them?  Not exactly earth shattering but v annoying
  • External side walls – use brick papers which are to hand and give least work necessary or make new stonework?
  • Roof cover???

None of these are major (except poss those dratted lights) and may set the tasks aside to simmer for a while and turn to a little something else.

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  1. I love the children’s department with the farm and the kites – it looks great.

    I also really like the side pillars – it makes it look a bit like one of those old buildings in York – quaint and medieval. Even though the store is Art Deco it’s typical of Britain to put that inside a medieval building.

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