Building rooms that aren’t there


Or a good excuse to share the touch of redecorating I’ve done to the work so far.

Let’s see if I can explain more clearly what all this mirror stuff involves and I hope that these are more useful photos.

What we see through the doorway …

All in a mirror

All built and reflected from two angled mirrors

The other real wall of the corridor:

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build optical illusion room boxes

The view of both real and very short corridor bits that run across the room box and provide the reflected image of the corridor that isn’t there.

I hope that does make more sense?

I see, however that the badly set tiles are already lifting and all the edges look as though the dog/cat name your pet has licked them …

Onward to the doorway and the room at the front.  Possibly a change in floor covering.  Going to spend some time mocking up a terracotta style piece of flooring I think.



Samuel van Hoogenstraten Peep Show – National Gallery

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