More soft sculpture mini clothes


One sided objects

We’re back at house number 2 and in their bedroom.  I’m using oblongs of fabric to create some of their spair clothing shaping the cloth with the odd stitch and may blobs of glue depending on the type of material and what I want to achieve from attatching one bit to another.  For example any hem turn up will probably be glued as it won’t matter if the edges are a little stiff but I will almost exclusively stitch knitted fabrics.  Ultimately it all depends how it feels at the time 🙂  Whichever is used it is only to catch the idea of the shape I’ve got in mind with, on the whole, no major seams involved.

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build Victorian and Edwardian scenes, Victoria Villas - bedrooms

No wardrobe or room for much storage generally in these houses so am using pegs for hanging odd bits of clothing instead.

I like to use a cardboard form to start me off when making these which I yank out as soon as I’ve got the first stitch or blob of glue in place.  I find it very useful for starting the shoulder position and to push the folds of fabric from the visible back to the hidden front to form the sleeve shapes.
In the bottom pic of the three I’ve cut the oblong only for length of sleeve and I fold all that skirt excess to the front to add a little bulk, trimming off a little here and there if too much.

I used an old sock for the knitted item, cut from near the heel which provided the contrast colour at the neckline and hence the weird break in the pattern down the middle of the back of the cardigan.  I’ve pushed a little stuffing down the sleeves of the black coat to make them a slightly more rounded and used a piece of wire tag from the top of a packet of crackers for the silver clip on the back of the trouser braces.

theinfill blog, theinfill dolls house blog – scratch build Victorian and Edwardian scenes, Victoria Villas - bedrooms

And now we have lurking clothes handing around that frighten sleepy children on a bad night

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