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A bit of whimsy

Some of you may well recognize the top title phrase as referring to the process of aging and the way it can have its effect on eyesight for some of us.  Not direclty in this case; that happened a long, long time ago for me; it’s that long ago that we’re almost talking of “ a galaxy far, far away“.  But, to be fair it is related.

I’ve broken my glasses.

One of those bathroom floor lie-downs that many an IBS sufferer may be familiar with.  Put my head to one side against the floor in what might be described as a curled recovery position, tried not to moan and amputated the whole ear piece of my specs on the right-hand side in a slightly twisted oner.

Now using computer glasses while pondering whether the ‘DIY fix mark two’ carried out on the mutilated specs will take or if I would be better to go for the long distance arrangement on offer at the moment from the optician to put up a new pair with the old script.  “What’s to think about?” do I hear you ask?  Well, it would be more than a bit of a gamble for me, as getting a replacement frame to fit my mush is not so easy, and I wear bifocals.  I doubt if it’s likely they’d be able to find the same model frames again, either as these are at least ten years old.

So what’s with all the moaning now?  I should just make a decision?

It’s ‘cos at this very moment I’m trying to thread a needle!

My computer glasses are designed for use with a desktop screen and the distance I chose to view at is just that smidgeon longer than that needed to reach comfortably with thread and needle in hand and still see the eye of the needle.  And as for trying to snip off any trailing threads or inspecting anything that may be produced once the needle agrees to be threaded, well, forget it.  This set of photos is going to be the outcome of a ‘what you can’t quite focus on is what you get‘ situation (once I’ve threaded the needle).  Doesn’t make a catchy acronym though, does it?  Hey ho.

But, having had my fill of gardening at the moment I’m determined to get on with the mini works needed and get the bedrooms dressed and done, if not dusted.  I’d really like to move on with the other half of this model (ie the backyard and outbuildings) before something else intervenes in all our lives.  When you’re ‘getting on’ you can really hear Time drying up your finger joints and brain into little crispy bits.  So carpe diem and all that, even if it’s in the wrong pair of trousers, er, sorry, I meant glasses.

Don’t worry, I will contact the optician once we’ve established whether fix no. 2 on the specs has or has not worked which should be tomorrow 🙂

This is the bed made with scraps of wood and bannister rails.

I do like creating messy bed scenes.

So far this is as far as I’ve got.  The patchwork is a cheat of a square of ready printed patches and I’ve given it a backing of the offcut from shortening a skirt which is quite thick. I do hate throwing those bits of fabric away, and at my height the strips can be more like big chunks by the time I’ve hacked off the excess length from a piece of clothing for me to wear.

I’ve not stitched all the sheet seams but ironed into finished edges (double folded) and glued the four corners only.  Holds the finished look edges in place and leaves the gentle fall I wanted plus, of course, it greatly reduced the number of times I needed to thread the needle.  I’ve no idea how the lad who sleeps up at the head climbs in there.  He must be the smaller of the two.  The whole arrangement is mostly held together by stitching to the mattress.

I gave up squinting at needles and thread and went back to the gardening.  So hot in the greenhouse today (tho not as hot as yesterday) and seedlings suddenly emerging under glass when I wasn’t looking have all burned straw coloured.  Oops.


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