Fruit trays, glue and a load of eye make-up

theinfill blog – scratch build of eighteenth century scenes

There are strips from an egg box or three to do the lintels and cills, and painted card for the bricks

Want small mini jobs at the moment so can bob in and out of the ‘Potting Shed’, therefore concentrated window structuring is out – at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  In fact tearing the card trays, gluing in place and then dabbing with bargain shop cheap eye make-up is a really incredibly sticky job, but, hand and brush cleaning excluded, it does allow me to stop and start the stonework as and when possible.

According to the imagined scenario for this build (my mini-ing always has to have a back-story) most of the windows were added at a later period than the original build of the worker’s basic cottage. The strange brickwork is either around the windows or in places where the structure needed some sorting out over the previous century or two.  Unfortunately the strip of bricks across the middle of the frontage proved a weak point with the weight of the old stonework causing the building to bulge outwards in various places which has taken the bricks with them, hence the odd shadows in the centre on the photo.  There’s also a downward flow as well as outward as the door lintel is cracked in two places and everything is sagging sadly under the influence of our old friend gravity.

Anyhoo, a goodly amount of this brick and stonework is going to be covered or semi-covered in render, cracking and flaking with any luck.  Not so sure that I can pull it off but I’ve always wanted to give it a try.  If nothing else all this clarting of layers onto the foam board will certainly make it pretty rigid; eventually.

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  1. Your brick and stonework appear to be Very Authentic looking! I love your method of colouring them with eye makeup which not only gives them a lot of subtle variations in tone but also highlights their textures.
    And I agree with your statement about always having to have a backstory. This is true even when we view RL properties, and having a history in mind, directs both the interior as well as the exterior; keeping us on track.

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