The ghost of a coat


Spent the afternoon trying to fashion a scrap of oddly shaped fabric into a suitably period-looking (C18) style of coat, preferably without cutting and/or gluing.

Settled on the use of a hot steam iron and needle and thread and poddled on until I’d achieved something that might do the job.  It isn’t as if a figure has to wear it so there’s no fitting problems there; I’d like it to hang up, possibly under the stairs or in the bedroom.

Scorched fingers and oversized pins

The scrap of fabric is part of the remains of a charity shop purchase of a pair of casual trousers.  It’s had many uses in the other minis I’ve had a go at, mostly because of its colour, which is a sort of browny plumb shade which lends itself to mini clothing projects despite its very open weave and fraying edges.

The coat

Couldn’t decide whether to make it a sleeved long waistcoat (no collar) or add a small one.  In the end have folded it so it might be a collar or it might be slovenly hanging of the coat.

theinfill blog – scratch build of eighteenth century scenes

Hangs a little better and it was at this point that I realised it didn’t have a right-hand pocket!  It does, however, unfortunately, look like someone has left a dressing gown hanging at the bottom of the stairs when they last paid a visit 🙂

General outcome

If we carefully ignore he dressing gown impersonation, the coat doesn’t look too bad when viewed from either side but is a an uninteresting sack-like shape from the back.  Need to ponder that; possibly hang somewhere else or actually do someting with the back.  Or another possibility is to distract from the sack-back (no not a Watteau gown) by hanging a long off-white neck cloth up with it. Hmmmm.  Or yet again, could just leave it standing there in the middle of the room as the ghost of a coat.

On the building front

I’ll go find a small scrap of the remains of the trou so can make that missing pocket …



Paintings of Watteau


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